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Applying for CalFresh does not need to be difficult! Book a meeting with our CalFresh Specialist now!

What Is CalFresh?

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CalFresh is a powerful way to stay focused, motivated, and successful in class! Designated for students, CalFresh is USDA funded program, designed to allow you to live a healthy lifestyle. As you learn to budget and balance your busy schedule, let CalFresh be the tool you used to stretch your food budget for fruits and vegetables. 

Do I Qualify for CalFresh? 

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If you meet at least one of the following options, then you may be eligible!

  • Receipt of CalGrant A 
  • Approved for work study, even if the student does not have a work study placement
  • Have dependent children under the age of 6 (or 12 without available child care services)
  • Recipient of CalWORKs (also known as cash assistance)
  • Works 20 hours per week, or an average of 80 hours per month
  • Have a disability that prevents them from attending school and working 20 hours a week; verified by participating in an on-campus disability services program, receipt of disability insurance, or a medical note. 

 What Documents Do I Need to Apply?

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  • Proof of identity (examples: drivers license or identification card, passport, work or school ID, birth certificate, voter registration card)
  • Proof of where you live (examples: drivers license or ID card, utility bill, rent receipt)
  • Proof of income (examples: pay stubs, statement from employer, alimony check, award letter for unemployment or disability benefits )
  • Social security numbers for everyone who is applying
  • Proof of housing costs (examples: housing bills, utility bills, HOA fees, property tax statement)
  • Proof of child support paid
  • Proof child or adult care costs (example: bills)
  • Proof of disability (example: award letter)
  • Proof of medical costs if 60+ or disabled (examples: receipts for prescriptions, copay, service animal costs, glasses, hearing aids)

Ready to Apply?

Make an appointment to sign up with CalFresh Specialist, Noemi!