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The Queery

The Queery

The Queery is a student-created, edited, and published magazine that showcases stories, poems, photography, and art submitted by members of the queer community and allies.

The direction of this year's issue of The Queery is resistance. In light of current events impacting the queer community, we empower you to resist exclusive legislation and policies and work towards positive social change. The Queery is a platform to have your voice heard!

Submission Categories Include: 

Pride Whether it be contesting an idea or promoting the beauty of one’s reality, we love to show our pride, whatever that may signify to an individual. This section is open to any submission that showcases the creator’s pride.

Coming Out Coming out is not a one-time thing, but a lifelong process.  While we may come out many times in our lives, there are some experiences that are more memorable. In this section the journey and milestones we go through in finding our true self are unraveled.

Empowerment From the Stonewall Riots to marriage equality, the path towards justice has been led those who have used their voice to empower others.  This section promotes advocacy and empowerment around political, social, religious and cultural issues in society. Here we empower you to amplify and center marginalized voices.

Queer Culture Queer culture has manifested itself from the need to create spaces for survival and resilience. From pop culture to subcultures, this section explores the way the queer community has created culture mainstays and been a catalyst for cultural shifts. 


Submissions are due no later than 11:59 pm on February 11, 2018


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