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Ben Cherry


ENTR 320 Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship: Explores the impact of creativity on innovation and entrepreneurship by encouraging students to look inward, explore outward, and uncover insights about their environment. Subjects include: barriers to creativity, creative problem solving, idea generation, opportunity identification, new product development, product/service innovation, concept formulation and refinement, and other elements of the entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial experience. By course end, students will have developed one marketable product or service from which a business plan could be developed. 

When I first created and taught this course in Fall 2007, I created a custom text since there wasn’t a course like this in many Business schools. As a result, I pulled together various chapters from textbooks and compiled a custom reader that I used from 2007-­‐2011.  The average cost for that custom text was $50. Unfortunately, that publisher increased the price to the students by more than double in 2011 so I decided to go with a different publisher and created a new custom text. In like manner, my second iteration of the custom text was originally priced below $40, but the students now have to pay more than double for the   same text.  I am tired of having the publisher benefit by unnecessarily  increasing the cost of these texts to the students.  I am very motivated to reduce the cost of the reading materials for my course; frankly, it's what I've been trying to do since 2007. There are a number of very good blog posts (freely available online) and magazine articles (found in our university's collection) that  I can use to supplement the in-class discussions and lectures. In addition, there are  a few chapters from these two free online texts that can  be used in my course: 

Sustainability, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship by Larson (on MERLOT)

 Principles of Entrepreneurship by Holden (on MERLOT)

Additionally, I plan to utilize short video clips from Stanford’s Educators Corner and the Prendismo Collection (eClips from Cornell), to highlight key elements from the founders and leaders of entrepreneurial ventures. These would be in addition to the Edge of Entrepreneurship video series that I already use in this course. After consulting with CALM team members, I located 15 resources that are used as CALM free learning materials.