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Chet Kumar

chet kumar

MIS 302,  Foundations of Management Information Systems: Survey of management information systems topics with an emphasis on service applications. Includes computer hardware and software, databases, information systems development, and the role of information systems in the organization.

I teach two sections of this course a year, with 30-100 students, depending on the semester.  Previously I used  a bundle, which includes the textbook Information Systems Today: Managing in the Digital World. 6th Edition. Prentice Hall., along with MyMISLab.  

To reduce the cost, I developed a custom loose leaf edition textbook for this course, leaving out non-relevant chapters.  I negotiated the price of this custom edition down to $93.50 final price of book to students at CSUSM bookstore.   I created my own free online supplemental material and quizzes for students on Cougar Courses. Consequently I did not adopt the MyMISLab publisher online testpack, thereby saving students an additional $40.

Efficacy of online material: I sought feedback from students on the custom textbook pricing and online material / testing on Cougar Courses. Students said they liked having online material on Current IT developments available to them in advance for class discussion. They also said they appreciated the option of taking quizzes on Cougar Courses and having answers available online to them for exam review. I hope to continue adding more online material on Cougar Courses for students.