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Kristen Stewart


MKTG 433 Marketing Communication: Marketing communication – including advertising, personal selling and other forms of promotion – is glue that binds organizations with their customers. Course examines the determinants of communication effectiveness and efficiency; the components of marketing communication; and the process of designing, implementing, controlling, and evaluating marketing communication strategies

Kristen joined CSUSM in the fall of 2015 as new assistant professor.
Instead of using textbooks for the course, I was more than happy to use the CALMed resources that professor Dalakas used during 2014 and generously shared. 

Previously, the total cost for students for the textbook ranged from $195 (purchase as used) to $259 (purchased as new).  After CALMing the course, the total cost for students was zero! Subsequently, the total annual savings ranged from about $13,650 ($195 x 70 students for used book) to about $18,130 ($259 x 70 students for new book).  The textbook was replaced with three main content sources:

  • Launch! Advertising and Promotion in Real Time by Solomon, Cornell, and Nizan – an electronic textbook that was identified in OER Commons. This text provides great great coverage of course topics and concepts.
  • Adweek newsletter, a leading publication in the field which is available a free daily email. This is a great resource for providing up-to-date examples and cases. The key challenge with this resource is that I had read the newsletter every day first and then communicate to the students what articles/examples to focus on for the week, which was occasionally challenging.
  • AdAge newsletter, another leading publication available free via  daily emails. This resource had the same advantages and challenges as the Adweek newsletter.

I plan to continue using the same readings, and will make sure all readings are posted in Cougar Courses at the beginning of the semester. For the newsletters, I will announce in class the stories/cases to focus on for next class.

As expected, the students were delighted about the savings and many commented repeatedly through the semester how excited and appreciative they were for the zero expenses on the reading material.

As far as student performance on assignments, I haven’t seen their CALM surveys yet, but  I did not notice any difference between performance from this group (with zero cost for readings) compared to other groups (with higher cost for readings) suggesting this material worked just as well.