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Matthew Atherton

Sociology 327 - Law Enforcement

The textbook for this course " The Police in America: Classic and Contemporary Readings" by Brandl and Barlow cost approximately $110. After some searching, Matt was able to locate most of the readings he had assigned from this text at the National Criminal Justice Reference Service site.  Two other readings were available through the JSTOR academic database in the CSUSM library, another was located in Atlantic magazine online.  He was unable to locate only one reading from the Brandl and Barlow text, but was able to replace this summary report from an Independent commission with the actual LAPD report available online as a .pdf.

Sociology 360 - Research methods

For this course Matt replaced a $140 textbook "Basics fo Social Research" by Earl Babbie, with an open source textbook. "Social Science Research; Principles, Methods and Practices", by Anol Bhattacherjee he located using the  MERLOT II search engine. To supplement the open source book, he located an ebook available via the CSUSM library: "Quantitative and statistical research methods from hypothesis to results" by William E. Martin, and Krista D. Bridgmon.

Additional materials:

  • Teaching with Data blog via Merlot
  • Stanford Prison Experiment Interactive Site at
  • Journal articles from CSUSM library, available through Cougar Courses
  • Small Portions of the following books, which were scanned and placed e-reserves at the library.
    • Flim Flam!
    • Synthesizing Research
    • Survey Research Methods
    • The Elaboration Model
    • Sex in America