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Natalie Wilson

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I calmed down two courses for Fall 2013, Women’s Studies 303, Education, Race and Gender, and Women’s Studies 205, Gender and Identity in Media and Popular Culture. I was able to replace these texts via my own research as well as with the support of an  instructional developer and a graduate assistant. I provided them with a list of course learning outcomes and course calendar that detailed the concepts, authors, particular articles, theoretical approaches, etc. that I was aiming to find for each course.

In the WMST 303 course, I chose a single authored monograph that was far cheaper than the previously used anthology. With this monograph in conjunction with a number of OER resources and a custom book from Pearson, I was able to replace all three of the existing texts, which cost $161.50, and bring the cost down to $49.60.

In the WMST 205 course, I replaced three of the texts with one text that, with OER supplements, covered all the material of the previously used texts. I also replaced the hard copy magazine text with a digital version. These steps reduced the cost per student from $94.38 to between approximately $53 to 62 (depending on if students bought the text in hard copy, as an e book, or rented them).

I polled students about the use of the CALMED materials and the general consensus was that the cost of text materials affects them greatly and they very much appreciate having options of where and how to buy books. They also appreciated that I did not require they print out the OER materials and e-reserves as the cost of printing can really add up. I am teaching the 205 course again this semester, and also in summer and fall, and I like my new materials so much that I plan to continue using all of them. This is also a benefit for students, as when faculty can commit to using the same texts for several semesters, the bookstore is able to buyback a larger percentage of texts.

CALMED WMST 303: Education, Race and Gender Course Materials

  • Breaking Bad Habits of Race and Gender $24.95
  • Pearson Custom Book $24.65
  • Plus a combination of OER videos, websites, and organizational publications (eg FMF’s report on gender equity and education)
  • Library Materials including Course Reserves, journal articles, and Media Library Holdings

Total: $49.60
Previous course materials per student: $161.50.
Savings: $111.90 per student  (x40 students = $4,467 per semester)

CALMED WMST 205: Gender and Identity in Media and Popular Culture

  • Gender and Popular Culture $23.70/buy $18.27rent/$14 ebook
  • Pearson Custom Book $24.11
  • Ms. Magazine Digital $15
  • Plus a combination of OER videos, websites, and blog
  • Library Materials including Course Reserves, JSTOR articles, and Media Library Holdings

Total $53.11 - 62.81
Previous course materials were $94.38
Savings: from $41 to 32 per student  (x80 students =$3280 to 2560 per semester)