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Nima Zaerpour


OM 445 - Warehousing and Distribution Management: Covers warehousing and distribution management, focusing on different aspects of warehouse operation and design. Topics include, but are not limited to, distribution network design, distribution coordination, layout design, material handling systems, storage and order picking methods, automation, and benchmarking. Related topics covered include retail logistics, e-commerce logistics, and maritime logistics.

Motivation: With increasing tuition and textbook costs, more CSUSM students are having difficulties accessing the required course material. As an instructor, I will do my best to reduce this cost burden without jeopardizing the course quality. In the Warehousing and Distribution Management course, I used a free online textbook on warehousing by Prof. John Bartholdi from Georgia Tech who is one of the leading researchers in the area (Prof. Bartholdi has made the textbook available online for free on his website). In addition, I used cases, assignments, and software which are available for free to students for education purposes. By adopting these materials I was able to save each student up to $125.

OER Textbooks: Bartholdi, J.J., S.T. Hackman (2016) Warehouse and distribution science, PDF available online for free at the authors website:

Student Access: Online, PDF