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Ofer Meilich

Ofer Meilich

BUS 444 - Strategic Management

Prior to Fall 2014 semester, I routinely taught two BUS 444 classes (Strategic Management; 70+ students total). I was using an older edition of my textbook," Strategic Management Theory", by Hill & Jones. Hence, instead of purchasing the most recent edition (about $125), students could purchase/rent the textbook for around $35. I also was requiring students to buy an iClicker II (an expense of $50). In addition, I used  a collection of video cases and written cases sold as a $60 reader. I was suspecting that much of the textbook material was not retained and that the students did not have a lot of hand-on practice.

This semester / Post-CALM

I consulted with our business librarian, Ann Fiegen, and researched multiple databases for free material (textbooks and cases). I reviewed MERLOT and several other databases.

I replaced the textbook entirely with a high-quality series of engaging videos, professionally created by professors at Brigham Young University. I contacted the lead creator of these videos and obtained his permission to use the video textbook at no cost to the students. The videos have embedded close-captioning, to ensure maximum accessibility. This is the link to the material:  To make sure that student are studying the videos,I require them to write notes after watching each “chapter”, post these notes on CougarCourses (so all can see each other’s notes), and I randomly call on students to reinforce the personal accountability. I had to greatly change my course structure to make use of the free resources.

I am no longer using the iClicker for in-class quizzing. However, to obtain feedback from the students, both in real-time and out of class, I use (for anonymous feedback and active learning) and FaceBook class page (for announcements and feedback).

Instead of the iClicker quizzes and the midterm, the major assignment is now an individual running project, in which each students picks a “pitch” from the TV show “Shark Tank” (freely available videos I found on the web), then throughout the semester, the student links the class concepts to their chosen topic based on several OER materials. The idea being to allow the students to apply the using the workshop tool in Cougar Courses which is new to me.

Estimated cost savings

My calculations are based on my historical teaching load of two BUS 444 classes per semester with 70 students total).

Prior to CALM, each student shelled out approximately. $35 for the textbook, $50 for the iClicker, and $60 for the reader. I have since put several copies of the reader in the library reserves for students to use those for free. Most students choose to do that, however I still have to offer it in the bookstore for purchase for those who wish to do so.

 With the elimination of the textbook, I-clickers, and putting multiple reader copies in the library, now, most students incur $0 cost for the class. A few may opt to purchase the reader at the bookstore ($80). Hence, the estimated cost savings per student are $145 savings (zero cost – check out reader) or $85 savings (if they want to purchase reader).

 And for 70 students/semester, we get a savings of between $10,150/semester (free option) or min. $5600/semester (if reader bought). A total of each YEAR of between $11,200 AND $20,300.  

Assessment of effectiveness

Overall, the students respond quite well to the new methods of teaching and learning. I assess routinely the effectiveness of many of the course components via (anonymously) and feed back the responses to the students, with my comments.