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Patrick Sebrechts

photo of Patrick Sebrechts in his office

CS 301A - Computer Mastery

This course is an introduction to the applications of computers, including networking communications, operating systems, database management and Microsoft Office software.  While the Microsoft Office textbook gave students detailed explanations and multiple practice exercise and homework assignments at different skill levels, it was $175.00. Patrick replaced this text with individual texts for each of the Microsoft applications, available free online to the students via the CSUSM library Proquest Database, Safari Books. He also provides links to the Microsoft Office online video resources, designed and produced interactive lessons using the SoftChalk elearning authoring tool and created videos using Camtasia Relay.

GES 101 and GES 105 - General Education Science

By working with his textbook representative at Pearson, Patrick has achieves significant savings for his GES 101 and GES 105 classes. 

Three years ago, the books, Conceptual Physics and Practice were $196 before the bookstore markup.  Working with the publisher to first combine the two books into a custom edition, Patrick reduced the price to $120.  This year he again negotiated with Pearson to add the supplemental online resources and ebook to the printed texts for the same price.  But the best deal: students who do not want the printed textbook can get the ebooks and online components for $80!