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Create Flashcards Using Database

Why Do This?

Flashcards can be a great tool for your students to use when studying for an exam. Or, when they are created by the students themselves, they can be a tool for you to ensure students are understanding key concepts. With this Flashcard template and the Database tool, you can either create a set of flashcards for your students to use (but not modify) or you can have students create their own flashcards, contributing towards a larger set, whether that is the whole class or smaller groups.

Create the Database

  1. Download (but don't unzip) this Flashcard Database Activity zip file.
  1. Go into your course and Turn editing on.

 turn editing on button

  1. Go to the topic where you want to add your flashcards and click "Add an Activity or Resource" link in the lower right corner.

 add an activity or resource link

  1. Under Activities, select Database and click Add at the bottom of the pop-up window.

 database in activities list

add button

  1. Fill in the Name and Description (instructions), if any, of this activity.

name and description fields

  1. In the Entries section, decide whether you want to approve the student-created flashcards (entries) before they are posted, whether or not to allow comments on flashcards, whether students must first create a certain number in order to view the other flashcards, and whether or not to cap the number of flashcards an individual student can create.

 options in the entries section

  1. In the Availability section, set the dates and times for the time period when students can create flashcards and when they can view the flashcards. You must check the Enable box in order to set a date and time. If you are creating flashcards for your students (and not having them create any), you will want to only enable the “Read only” dates and times.

 availability options

  1. If you want to grade student-created flashcards, you need to enable Ratings. Ratings in Database work the same as Ratings in Forums. If you will be grading more than one flashcard per student, under Aggregate type, set whether you want the average, sum, minimum rating, or maximum rating of the multiple ratings to be transferred to the gradebook. If you are just grading one flashcard per student, you can use maximum rating, minimum rating, or sum of ratings.

 ratings aggregation options

  1. Enter the Maximum grade (total, not just the maximum for each individual flashcard) for this activity.

 maximum grade setting

  1. If you want students to create and view flashcards within their groups in Cougar Courses, in the Common Module Settings section set Group Mode to Separate Groups and set the appropriate Grouping, if applicable.

 group mode an dgrouping settings

  1. Enable any other settings you want, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Save and display.”

save options, select "save and display" 

  1. Click on the Presets tab.

 presets tab

  1. Scroll down to the Import section and click “Choose a file” button. In the File picker pop-up window select “Upload a file” on the left, then click Browser and navigate to where you saved the zip file you downloaded in Step 1 and select it. Once it is selected and showing next to Browse, click “Upload this file” in the pop-up window.

import section, choose a file, and import button

  1. Click Import.
  1. On the Field Mappings page, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Continue.

 field mappings options

  1. Cougar Courses will tell you the preset has been successfully applied. Click Continue. Your Database is now ready to create flashcards!

 continue button


Creating Flashcards (Entries)

These instructions apply to students creating flashcards as well.

  1. Click on the Add Entry tab.

 add entry tab

  1. In the “Frontside of Flashcard” section, upload a picture (if desired) and enter the Question.

 frontside of flashcard options

  1. In the “Backside of Flashcard” section, upload a picture (if desired) and enter the Answer.

 backside of flashcard options

  1. Select either “Save and view” to view the flashcard or “Save and add another” to create another flashcard.

 save options

  1. To view the flashcards as a list, click on the View list tab.

 view list tab

  1. To view the flashcards one at a time, click the View single tab. When viewing a flashcard, click “Toggle Flip” above the flashcard to see the answer. To view a random Flashcard, click “Random Card” above the current flashcard.  To view the next card in order, click Next in teh upper left. To view the previous card in order, click Previous in the upper left.

 viewing flashcard


Approving and Grading Flashcards (Entries)

  1. If in the settings you said Yes to “Require approval” for entries, on the View List tab you will see a large check mark next to flashcards that need approval. You must approve of flashcards before they can be rated.

 flashcard list options

  1. If you wish to undo your approval, click the “undo approval” icon. To delete a flashcard, click the X between the "more" icon and the "undo approval" icon.

 flashcard list options

  1. If you are grading flashcards, you will do so on the View Single tab.
  1. If a Flashcard has not yet been rated, you will see a Rate drop down in the lower left of the card.

 rate flashcard

  1. To assign a rating, click the drop down and select a point value for this specific flashcard. You do not need to save, once you click a score it is saved.
  1. If you have already rated a flashcard, it will show the rating you gave it and how many times this card has been rated in parenthesis.

 already rated flashcard