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Use the Text Editor Toolbar

Why Do This?

The text editor toolbar is used throughout the CC environment to add and format text, images, links, and tables within activities such as Forums, Wikis, Assignment, etc. This text editor toolbar contains many of the same functions as Microsoft Word

Note: Drag the bottom right corner to increase the size of your work area.

Adding/Editing Text

  1. Select the “toggle toolbar” icon to expand the formatting and content options available.
    icon for toggle bar
  2. Type your text directly into the page content area and use the text editing functions on the toolbar to:
    1. Bold, italicize, and/or underline
    2. Align and/or indent text
    3. Change the font or background color
    4. Add equations or special characters
      icons on the toolbar

Adding Images

1. To add an image, click where you want the image to appear in the content area.

2. Click the Insert/Edit image icon (mountain inside a frame) in the toolbar.
select insert image button

To Add an Image from the Web

1. In another browser window or browser tab, locate the desired image on the web and right-­‐click on the image.

2. In the pop-­‐up menu, locate the option that allows you to copy the URL (address/location) of the image.

3. Switch back to Cougar Courses, and in the Insert/edit image popup window, paste the address of the image into the‌ Image URL field.

insert URL

4. Click the Save Image button.

To Add an Image Saved on Your Computer

  1. In the Insert/edit image window, click Browse repositories…

  2. In the File picker window, select Upload a file on the left.
  3. Click the Browse button, and locate the image on your computer.
  4. Click the Save Image
  5. Click Upload this file button.

Adding Tables

  1. Click the Insert/edit table
    insert a table
  2. Use the new window to set:
    • The caption
    • The number of columns and rows
    • Border -­‐ sets the width, in pixels, of the outer table border. If set to 0, there is no visible border

add caption, number of columns, border

3. Click Create Table.

Adding Links to Web Pages or Files

  1. Enter or highlight the text to link.
  2. Click the link icon.
    select the link icon
  3. For a link to a webpage: enter the URL of the webpage in the Link URL space.
    enter a url
  4. For a link to a file: click the Browse repositories to open the File picker and locate a file on your computer to upload.
    browse repositories
  5. Set the target to Open in a new window.
  6. Click Insert.