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Using Perusall

Why Use It

Instead of passively hoping that students will complete the readings before class, use Perusall to proactively engage students with each other about the readings. Perusall is a FREE, web-based social learning platform integrated with Cougar Courses that allows students to annotate the readings and asynchronously respond to each others comments and questions about the readings in context. Created by a team at Harvard, Perusall automatically generates optimal student groupings, grades students' engagement with the readings, and nudges those who need help staying on track.  Best of all, Perusall generates a confusion report, as well as other analytics that will give you insight into how students are interacting with the readings.


These documents will help you get up and running with Perusall. If you can't find the answer here, check the Perusall Instructor Support. You'll find a link to contact Perusall support on their help page.  

  1. Setup Perusall in your course
  2. Reviewing student annotations and the confusion report
  3. Adding Perusall grading to your Cougar Course 
  4. Scoring Details

You can also email and request a meeting to get assistance with Perusall.