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Adding a Zoom Activity

Why Do This?

Adding Zoom meetings will allow real-time communications between class members, which can be a useful addition to the usual asynchronous online environment, for example allowing activities such as: online office hours, project team meetings, letting students interact with people and places around the world, bringing remote subject matter experts into the online classroom, and others.

1. In the Contents area, click on the topic where you want to add the Zoom activity.

2. Click Create Learning Activity in the lower left of the topic.

create learning activity link

3. This will open the "Create learning activity" dialog box. Scroll down the alphabetical list of activities and locate the Zoom meeting icon and click on it. The Adding a Zoom Meeting screen will open. There are a variety of choices to make here, including:

Zoom meeting option

a. Topic – put in an appropriate title.

b. Description – more details if required.

c. Display description on course page button – maybe good if there is more than one Zoom in a section.

d. When – date and time.

e. Duration - length of  meeting.

f. Recurring – if you select this, the zoom meeting has no end date, which allows you to reuse the link for multiple meetings, – for example online office hours.

g.  Webinar – for use with very large one-to-many presentations. Please contact Media Production Services to learn more about this option.

h. Password – worried about unauthorized entry, use a password. Just make sure you write it down somewhere.

i. Host video button – do you want to be seen, or just heard?

j. Participants video button – do you want to see the others, or just hear them?

k. Audio options – generally leave this on the default Both.

l. Meeting option – enable join before host – do you want your students to be able to join the meeting before you “arrive”?

4. The Grading section would allow you to grade students’ performance in the web conference.

5. When you have completed the settings, click on the Save and Display button at the bottom of the screen and double-check your settings. For more information on web conferencing with Zoom, please contact Media Production Services (MPS) at