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The workshop activity allows for the collection,and peer assessment and grading of students' work. Students can submit any digital content (files), such as word-processed documents or spreadsheets, and can also type text directly into a text field.

The instructor defines a multi-criteria assessment form (similar to a rubric) students use to provide feedback and assessment of assigned submissions.  The Instructor can select the number of submissions assigned for review. The workshop allows for review of group members and submissions and reviewers may be anonymous if desired.

Students earn two grades in a workshop activity - a grade for their submission and a grade for their assessment of their peers work. Each grade is recorded separately in the gradebook.

The workflow for the Workshop has five phases. The instructor controls the switch from one phase to the next, and can move forward or back between phases.

  • After the initial Workshop setup screen, you will see the phases screen. Clicking the lightbulb for any phase will move the workshop to that phase.

Moodle workshop activity phases

  • Phase 1: Set up
  • Phase 2: Submissions - Students submit their work. The instructor decides how the submissions will be allocated and sets the allocations.
  • Phase 3: Assessment - Students assess their peers' work. The instructor can specify self-assessment.
  • Phase 4: Grading evaluation - Instructor reviews submissions and assessments, provides feedback and can override grades
  • Phase 5: Closed - Students can now see their grades and peers' feedback/assessment

For help setting up the Workshop use links below. 

Video Overview of Workshop from Instructor and Student Perspectives Workshop Activity Documentation