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Import Exam View Questions

Note: may not import graphics. If not, the graphics will need to be manually inserted into questions.

1. Install ExamView if not already installed.

2. Create question categories in CC, one for each chapter.

3. Open ExamView Test Builder.

4. Go to File>Quick Test Wizard.

5. Name the first test or question bank.

6. On the next screen, highlight the question bank(s) you want to use and click select.

7. Click Next.

 quick test wizard layout

8. On next screen, click Select All. To create a question bank using only one type of question, (True/False or multiple choice) enter the corresponding number of that question type in the Number to Select field.

9. Click Next.

question bank question list

10. On next screen, click Finish.

click the finish button after selecting questions

11. Preview the text file displaying the questions.

  • Click Select
  • Select chapter
  • Click Select All or enter the Number to Select

12. Go to File>Export>Blackboard 7.1-9.0

13. When the Export Test dialog box appears, name the file, using same category/file name, and save to your computer. This will create a .zip file.

14. In the Export to Blackboard information dialog box, fill in Name and Image Directory Name fields with same category/file name.

15. Click OK.

export to blackboard version

16. Go to your Cougar Course.

17. Select Administration block>Question bank> Import.

18. Fill in the following fields:

  • File format: Select Blackboard.
  • Import questions from file: navigate to the zipped file on your computer and select it or drag the file into the Import file box.

19. Click Import button.

20. In the preview, verify the questions have imported correctly and click Continue.

21. Your questions should now appear in the question bank and the file name will be the category name.

 question bank view with all questions listed in each category