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Logging in to Cougar Courses

  1. Cougar Courses is located at You can also access by going to the CSUSM homepage, clicking Campus Apps in the upper right, and then Cougar Courses.

 Cougar Courses link on CSUSM homepage

  1. Click the login button in the upper right or on the left.

 Cougar Courses homepage

  1. Enter your CSUSM username into the Username  NoteYour username is everything before the @ in your student email. If you do not know your username, please contact the Student Technology Help Desk.
  2. Enter your CSUSM password into the Password  Note: If you do not know your password, contact the Student Technology Help Desk.
  3. If after entering your username and password you see this page, click the “Click this button to log in.”

 secondary login page

  1. After successful login, you should be taken to your “My Courses” page.*
    1. In the center you will see any visible courses. Note: Courses are hidden until instructors make them visible to students. If you do not see one of your courses listed, contact the instructor.
    2. On the right hand side you will see useful reminders: activities with upcoming deadlines, activities with instructor feedback, messages, and recent forum posts.
    3. Along the top, under your name, you will see links to your Profile, Dashboard (another view of your available courses), Preferences (including notification and messaging preferences), Grades, and the link to Logout.

 My Courses page

*If you get a “Bad Request – Request Too Long” error when attempting to login, you can either clear your browser’s cookies and cache or try a different browser.