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Frequently Asked Questions

Enrollment and Course Access

  • Why can't I log on to Cougar Courses?

    New students?

    "Bad Request - Request Too Long" 400 error page -

    • If you are seeing this error when trying to access CC, you can either clear your browser's cache and cookies ( google how to) or try a different browser. 

    Important password security note: We will never ask for your password. Please don't provide it in an email. If you receive an email asking for your password, forward the email to and delete the message right away.

  • I don't see all of my courses in Cougar Courses!

    • Your list of active courses can be found on the My Courses page after you log in, along with additional information about the status of activities/events in each of your courses. You can also find them on the dashboard link below your name on the My Courses page. 
    • Recently enrolled?
      •  It can take up to 24 hours from the time you officially add a course in MyCSUSM until you are added to the Cougar Course container.
    • If it has been over 24 hours since you officially enrolled through MyCSUSM the course might not have been made visible by the instructor yet.  Instructors choose whether and when to make their course visible to students. There is a way you can check whether it's visible  yourself:
      • go to the search bar at the bottom of the homepage of Cougar Courses and search by the name and number of the course (for example, BIOL 104).
      • If you see the course (and correct section) listed there it means the course is active/visible to students, but you have not been added yet.
      • If you do not see the course (and correct section) that means the course is not yet active/visible to students.  In that case, you need to contact the instructor.
  • I just added a course but it isn't listed under My Courses. Can you give me access?

    It can take up to 24 hours for your add to be processed by the registrar and your name to be added to the course roster and Cougar Courses. If you require immediate access to the course materials, your Instructor can add you to the course using the instructions in the faculty help tab>start of semester tasks>Adding Course Users.
  • I have cleared my financial hold. How do I get course access again?

    You should be automatically re-enrolled within 24 hours, but probably much sooner. If you need immediate access, your instructor can add you to the class using the instructions in Faculty Help>Course Basics and Organization>Adding Course Users.
  • Why am I still seeing last semester's classes on CC? How can I get rid of these?

    This is part of the default settings, but you can easily change this. Go to My Courses> Dashboard. Click the Customize this page button just below your name at the top right. Use the filter and sort by options to re-order your courses so that the most recently accessed or in progress courses are at the top of the list. You can also click on the ... icon to the right of each course name to use the hide a course from your view or "star it" to keep it at the top of the list. 

  • How do I access a course from a previous semester?

    Students do not have access to past courses.You need to contact the instructor to see if he/she will allow you to have access again.

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