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Using Zoom - The Web Conferencing System

Why use this?

Zoom is a cloud-based meeting tool that lets you schedule and hold real-time online meetings, or participate in meetings scheduled by your instructor or other students, using a Mac, PC or most mobile devices. These meetings can be either video meetings, using your device’s built in camera or a USB camera, or they can be screen share meetings, where participants are viewing documents, webpages, etc. Zoom meetings can be recorded, saved and uploaded to YouTube or other sites, allowing you and your team to create and share group presentations. Watch a 1-minute overview

Using Zoom

The support center has text and video instructions for scheduling meetings, inviting others to join, joining video meetings and recording meetings.

PC and MAC Support Center

iOS and Android Support Center

Video Meeting or Screen Share meeting? What's the Difference?

screen share with video

A screen share meeting starts with screen sharing and audio. While screen sharing, you can switch between different windows or your desktop by moving your mouse to the top of the meeting window and selecting “Share.” Options available:

  •  You can annotate what is on your screen
  • Give mouse and keyboard control to another participant
  • Record your screen
  • Chat and mute other participants

During a screen share meeting your camera is not turned on automatically. To add your video camera, you will need to Start your video/camera during the meeting.

start video button

The person who set up the meeting is the default presenter and is in control of the screen, but can give control to other participants by clicking on the Participants and selecting that person from the list.

participants button

Switching Windows during Screen Sharing

1. Move your mouse to the top of the meeting window and select “Share.” 

share button

2. In the pop up window, click on the screen you now want to share.

pop up window share

Video Layout options during screen sharing ( video must be enabled)

  • Minimized view – shows who is talking
  • Active Speaker ( shows the person speaking)
  • All speakers – up to 4 at a time

changes layout

Video layout options. The icons in the upper-right hand corner of the screen allow you to change the view: Learn More

  • Window view
  • Full screen view
  • Gallery View ( up to 25 separate participants in the same window)
  • Mini View

video meeting window

Recording a Meeting

You can record both video meetings and screen sharing meetings. Learn More

Recording Tips:

  • End the recording before ending the meeting.
  • Your recorded meeting is not converted to a video until you end the meeting you are recording.

converting meeting recording

  • The recording is stored locally in a folder created on your computer/device.
  • You can change the default recording path.
  • To locate or play a recording click the zoom icon on your desktop and select Meetings from the bottom taskbar.
  • Select Play to play the video, using your default video player.
  • Select Open to open the file folder where the video is stored

meetings in taskbar                                                                 play and open buttons

To share the recording, locate the .mp4 file in the folder.( typically named zoom_0.mp4). Right click on the file name to rename it to your presentation name, keeping the .mp4 extension.

mp4 file

 Upload this file to YouTube, Vimeo or other video sharing site