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Brownbag Lunch and Learn Series AY 18/19

Technology is always changing! Whether you're getting started in your academic career, are looking to fine tune a class, or you just love trying out new technologies and techniques, there is something here for you. We've put together a series of workshops around three themes:

  • Student Engagement
  • Designing Inclusive Learning Experiences
  • Technology & Multimedia

Faculty can attend any of these stand-alone workshops or choose a theme. Attend six or more workshops to earn a certificate. If you can't attend the on-campus workshop, use the link below to join us remotely by Zoom.

The workshops are from noon to 1pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Kellogg 2414 (TRC) spaced throughout the academic year.

NOTE: Do you have an idea for a topic or want to present a topic, email with your idea.

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Thurs 2/7 Ally
Accessible content is better content. Ally is a course content accessibility plugin that allows instructors to understand and tackle accessibility in a way that benefits all students. Learn how to use the new Ally tool, strategies for creating more accessible course materials, address the common issues identified by the Ally tool, and increase the accessibility of your course
Thurs 2/14

Toolkits for Media Projects
Employers expect, and value new-hires that can create and effectively communicate with digital media tools.  Yet it's impractical for most faculty to acquire technical fluency with multiple tools.  We'll introduce four toolkits: infographics, presentations, academic posters and websites, each intended to provide faculty with a framework for creating, supporting and assessing  students as they demonstrate their knowledge and creativity in authentic ways using the toolkits instructions and resources.

Tues 2/26

Team Projects and Team-based Learning
Team-based learning (TBL) is a structured form of small-group, collaborative learning that emphasizes student preparation out of class and application of knowledge in class. Learn how to implement it, and get advice from CSUSM instructors using TBL.

Thurs 3/14

Discussion Doctor
Are your forums suffering from these symptoms: lack of student participation, boring posts, grading takes forever, etc.? Well, the discussion doctor is in! Learn the tried and true cures for common forum ailments – no snake oil here.

Tues 3/26

Presentation Innovations
Stop spending hours each semester reviewing an endless stream of boring PowerPoint presentations. We'll share 3 great, free, online tools that your students (and you!) can use to create  engaging, professional-looking multi-media presentations.

Thurs 4/18

Finding and saving images, basic enhancements and editing in PowerPoint, using SmartArt to generate graphic organizers.

Tues 5/7

Are you looking for a way to motivate students to do the readings in advance of class? Perusall is a social learning platform that promotes active, collaborative reading and annotations. You add readings to Perusall, and students can highlight, create public or private comments, ask and answer questions. Perusall can automatically place students into groups and assign a grade based on the timeliness, quantity, quality and distribution of their comments.  Best of all, Perusall generates a Student Confusion Report for you.

(Previous) Fall 2018 

   CC Reports, Analytics, and Statistics
What insights can Cougar Courses reveal about your students and your course? Access handy visualizations, hidden gems of data, and useful reports. Plus, use built-in analytics graphs and reports to send targeted messages and follow-up on what you discover.
Looking for a new way to hold online office hours or review sessions, connect with your colleagues around the world and invite them into your classroom, or provide student teams a way to meet outside of the class?  Come and learn about Zoom, the  video and audio conferencing software  free to all CSUSM faculty, staff and students.  We'll also introduce the new features, including waiting rooms for office hours, breakout rooms, polling, and more.
   Mediasite and Desktop Recorder
Most instructional media content at CSUSM is delivered by our Mediasite system- a delivery hub that allows efficient delivery of video and audio content to almost any modern device .  The Mediasite Desktop Recorder (MDR)allows faculty and students to record screen capture, video and audio, and share it within Cougar Courses.  Use the Mediasite Analytics to find out when, how long and how often students are viewing your recordings.
   Strategies for easy and effective feedback
Instructors already know that providing students with timely, meaningful feedback can greatly enhance learning and outcomes - but it's also time-consuming. In this session we'll show you the tools and techniques that can speed up this process, including audio feedback, drag and drop comments, and rubrics.
   Diving into Data in the Library - Ann Fiegen
Find out how to use census and consumer survey data in SimplyAnalytics for your classes and research. Students use SimplyAnalytics for detailed market analysis and socio-cultural preferences. Also discover how ReferenceUSA is more than a business listing. Find details on industries, private businesses and non-profit organizations.
   Immersive StoryMaps
Story maps are a simple, yet powerful way to inform, engage and inspire people with any story that involves maps, places or geography.  These easy to create web apps let you- and your students-  combine beautiful maps with narrative text, images, and multimedia, including videos.  Join us as we view some examples of different presentation styles and get started on using this exciting technology.
   Open Education Resources
OER – What does it mean and where can you find quality resources? We'll take you on a treasure hunt. First stop: open textbooks through OpenStax & cool4ed. Next: media, simulations & case studies in MERLOT. Final destination: explore ebooks and CALM guides in the Kellogg Library.
  Syllabus makeover
Does your syllabus read more like a legal document than a course introduction and a framework to guide student success? It's usually the first thing students encounter in your class, so why not set a positive tone with a student-centered, and aesthetically pleasing syllabus.  You'll come away with specific ideas on how to modify your syllabus and an initial understanding of the free tools and resources available to help you accomplish this.