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Student Advising

Biology Faculty Advisors

You may choose an advisor by concentration OR ask current or past faculty you have taken courses with for advising.  When you go to see your advisor, please make sure you have filled out and bring a Major Worksheet.  

  Concentration Faculty Information


Cell Biology

Physiology Ecology Biotech  Extension


Brown, Tracey   X X   8017 traceyb
Eme, John   X     7244 jeme
Escobar, Matthew X     X 8083 mescobar
Jameson, Julie X       8247 jjameson
Jancovich, James X     X 8525 jjancovich
Kim, Jane X       8584 jckim
Kristan, Deborah   X     4638 dkristan
Kristan, William     X   8096 wkristan
Luna-Lopez, Carlos X       8245 clunalopez
Mueller, Casey   X     8508 cmueller
Norris, Brian   X     4205 bnorris
Read, Betsy X     X 4129 bread
Sethuraman, Arun X       8271 asethuraman
Sheath, Robert     X   8023 rsheath
Sustaita, Diego     X   8240 dsustaita
Vourlitis, George     X   4119 georgev



For more information, contact:
Gelareh Taylor
Administrative Support Coordinator