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Onboarding Program


Launched in 2013, CSUSM's onboarding program is one of the university's signature programs, designed to formalize the process of welcoming, supporting, engaging, and acculturating leaders. The program takes new leaders beyond the typical orientation to create an experience that truly integrates the employee into the unique university setting. The program is strategically aligned to the CSUSM Culture and provides customized tool kits for engaging new leaders every step of the way. Current eligibility is extended to new managers, who are either hired or promoted into a new management role.

  • CSUSM Swag - each item included within the employee tool kit provides a special aspect of the CSUSM culture for the new hire to learn about in their first year. Some of the items include: welcome gift from the President, pennant, tumbler, swag bag, trading cards, and lapel pin.
  • Framed around the CSUSM Culture: Working Together document.
  • Pairs each new manager with a "buddy" for the first year.
Onboarding guidebook cover page
  • Provides unique resources to facilitate a successful first year. Some of those resources include:
  • Assesses progress and program value with a 120-day survey to hiring managers, buddies, and new employee.
  • Constantly evolving to ensure employees are receiving the latest, greatest and most valuable resources to meet their needs.
Photo of onboarding swag
  • “Prior to CSUSM, when starting at a new organization, you are essentially on your own to work over time to meet people and learn about the culture. Great program here at CSUSM."
  • “Truly best-in-class program.”
  • “And the buddy meetings provided a great deal of context around the culture of our division, and campus in general.”
  • “I love the program and hope that it will be utilized by my new employee.”
  • “It’s a great way to get to know others and develop relationships – particularly when you are buddied outside of your own division as I have been twice.”
  • “I’ve enjoyed getting to know someone and helping to spread the culture of leadership even further.”
  • “The buddy onboarding program is extremely beneficial and ensures new employees are exposed to important information and provides a key contact/resource program.”