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Career Center Live Chat

Message the Career Center for quick help via email or Career Center Live Chat.  

IMPORTANT:  CC Live Chat is a public forum, please do not share confidential information.

Career Center Live Chat - Microsoft Teams

Message us on Microsoft Teams,  a cloud-based app to which you already have free access!

CSUSM STUDENTS: To log-in and ask us a question, use your campus Microsoft log-in at

  • Google log-in: 
  • Microsoft log-in: *NOTE take out the "cougars" part of the email

Microsoft Teams Quick Guide for Students

CSUSM ALUMNI & ALL EMPLOYERS:  If you do not possess a email, please click the Career Center Live Chat link and type your first and last name to utilize the Career Center Live Chat Team.  You can also email us directly at:

 Once you log in, you can: