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Request Community Partner

 A University Community Partnership Agreement is important because it establishes guidelines and policies for a quality internship experience. If you want to work with a particular organization that is not on the database, you may fill out a request to have them added. See the steps below: 

Steps for Requesting a New Community Partner

  1. Receive approval from your instructor: Consult with your internship course instructor to discuss if the internship is appropriate and meets the objectives related to the internship course.

  2. Once you receive approval, submit a Request Form Students should only submit this form after confirming a placement with the organization. This form will go directly to your prospective site supervisor requesting a partnership application be completed.  Please make sure the contact information is correct before submitting.

  3. Make a temporary placement.  Once your site submits the application, the Career Center will review the information and establish a University Community Partnership Agreement. In the meantime, make a temporary placement in the site "Internship Site Not in the Database". This site serves as a placeholder and will inform your instructor that you have submitted a request. For placement instructions, review the Internship Placement Instructions

If we do not hear back from your site or if they refuse to sign the agreement, you may still proceed with your internship with the steps below.  We will contact the requested site to begin the partnership process within 48 hours of receiving the form. This process can take several weeks as we require the following from the internship site: 1) A request for university community partnership and 2) A signed partnership agreement. Please work with your site to ensure they have submitted the requested information. Once we have obtained all necessary documentation, your site will be uploaded and you will be contacted directly. 

  1. Ensure the internship site is approved by your faculty instructor.
  2. Make a placement in the database under the site, “Internship Site Not in the Database”.
  3. Know that by proceeding with this internship, you assume full responsibility and liability while interning at the unapproved site. It is important to review the University Liability Waiver during the placement process.

For more information about requesting a community partner, see the Internships Student Frequently Asked Questions page.