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Parents & Family

Parents and family members are important partners with the Career Center in helping students fulfill their career dreams. The CSUSM Career Center is committed to offering students and alumni opportunities to find meaningful and enjoyable employment. We offer a variety of services to help them throughout their educational journey and as they transition into the world of work. In addition to full time career positions, we can assist students in their search for part time or short term employment positions to compliment their educational experience. Whether they need help with choosing a major/career, writing a resume, learning job search skills, negotiating salary, or finding employment, we are here to help.

The role of the Career Center is to act as an education agency rather than an employment/placement agency.  We want to help students in determining career goals to launch their careers. We believe that parents can play an important supportive role in this process to ensure our students maximize their potential and take advantage of the vast resources available to them.