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Dulce Clara's Bio

Dulce Clara

Dulce Clara

My role at CSUSM: As the marketing student assistant, I help manage all the career center’s social media platforms.I make sure students are well informed about our resources,workshops and events here at the Career Center!

 My Career Path: Although I applied as an liberal arts major, I have made my way into the business realm and am now majoring in Business Marketing. After helping my father design his business cards, I knew I wanted to go into advertising. Post graduation, I want to work in social media marketing in the fashion or beauty industry. As well as, help my father expand his small business.

 The reward in doing what I do: I enjoy informing and helping students take advantage of the amazing resources we have here in the Career Center. Although, I might not be helping students face to face, just knowing I’m helping in a small way makes me happy!

 Words of Wisdom: “Don’t live your life impressing others, live life impressing yourself” I think it's an important reminder to keep while scrolling through our social media platforms. It’s something I know I’m trying to improve about myself too.

 In my free time: In my free time, I like to stay in and binge watching my favorite tv shows .When my friends are in town, I like spending time with them.I also love window shopping and seeing the latest fashion trends. I especially enjoy going to concerts and even local music events friends throw.