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About Erica Cullwell


Erica Cullwell


My role at CSU San Marcos

As the Technology Coordinator for the Career Center, I am responsible for help desk support within the Career Center for the employees, student assistants and any employers that need to use our facilities as well as students and Alumni.  I also maintain the Career Center website and provide support for Handshake.  My background is in information technology, photography and digital filmmaking.  You will see me at some of our events with a "photo booth" set up for students to take professional photos for their online presence on Handshake, LinkedIn or any other reason they may need a photo of themselves in their business attire!

My career path

I started off at Palomar College where I received and Associates in Liberal Arts and Sciences.  From there I transferred to California State University, Monterey Bay (Go Otters!) where I received a Bachelor of Arts in Cinematic Arts and Technology in 2011.  When I came back to my hometown of San Diego, I worked for several years with the San Pasqual Band of Mission Indians as an Information Technology Technician and Special Projects Officer.  I attended SDSU (Go Aztecs!) as a graduate student from 2012-2015 and received a Master of Arts in Television, Film and New Media.  Since I clearly like to work and go to school simultaneously, it seemed only natural that the Technology Coordinator for the Career Center was a perfect fit! (Go Cougars!)  Maybe one day I'll go for my doctorate.... we'll see about that :-)

The rewards in doing what I do

Throughout my academic journey, I have met so many influential people. You know when you have one of those teachers or mentors that says something so powerful, it sticks with you forever, and even becomes a mantra or words to live by?  That is how I figured out what I want to be when I grow up.  By listening to my heart and using my passion towards technology, filmmaking and higher education.

My words of wisdom to students

Nobody is capable of doing what you do.  Nobody can tell your story but you.  So, even if you feel like you’re unoriginal or just another dime a dozen, know that you’re truly unique because there is no other person in the world has had identical life experiences that you’ve had. Once you really own your confidence, you can literally do anything you set your mind to!

In my free time

I spend time with my husband whom I've known since High School and our 3 furry children-- Tobias the tabby cat, Mars the English bulldog and Draper the miniature dachshund.  We love to hike, go to dog parks and dog friendly restaurants.  I also love a good movie, book or binge watching television shows. I have extensive Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter and Dark Tower knowledge and I have attended ComicCon every year since 2002.  I love to make movies as well and I try to at least make one a year!