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About Karin Iwasaka

karin Iwasaka

Karin Iwasaka

  • Associate Director and Career Counselor
  • College of Business Administration (CoBA) Liaison
  • 760-750-4894

My role at CSU San Marcos

As a career counselor, I work with students and alumni individually, as well as in workshops or classes, on questions related to their career development.  We may address topics such as choosing a major that complements their interests and skills, exploring career options, or researching and applying for internships, jobs, or graduate programs.  In my role as liaison to the College of Business Administration, I also collaborate with business faculty and administration to develop resources and programming for CoBA students.

My career path

 I completed my bachelor’s degree in History, with a minor in Sociology from UC San Diego, prior to earning my master’s degree in Counseling, with a Career Counseling emphasis from Cal State Long Beach.  Although my work experience includes completing two years in AmeriCorps and interning and working at historical house museums, the majority of my career has been spent in higher education, as a career counselor and academic advisor.   

The rewards in doing what I do

It is a privilege to work with students who have had such diverse experiences and backgrounds.  I find my role interesting and challenging; there is always something new to learn in the field of career development.  It is rewarding to see students develop more self-awareness and confidence in their ability to market themselves effectively to potential employers.  There is no greater feeling than when students share their news after a successful job search or graduate application process.    

My words of wisdom to students

Please take time now to utilize the various resources that are available to you, both on and off campus.  Research different career paths, speak to people who work in fields that interest you, and try to gain relevant experience through work, internships, volunteering, or organizations.  It is never too early, nor too late, to visit the Career Center.  Finally, try not to compare yourself to your classmates or friends – I speak with many students who feel that “everyone else has it all figured out.”  As you try new things and experiences, you will learn what interests you and develop your own path.

In my free time

I enjoy reading, writing, traveling, volunteering and trying new foods (or eating in general)!  I also enjoy sports, hiking, and spending time with family and friends.