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About Marilyn Cervantes

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Marilyn Cervantes


My role at Cal State San Marcos

As a Career Peer at Cal State San Marcos, my role is to outreach to the student body and facilitate career development programs to students and alumni. I am very passionate about helping people grow in their respective fields to achieve success, and be prepared for any position they pursue after graduation.

My career path

In 2014 I graduated from Sweetwater High School in National City, CA. I had the great fortune of having many teachers become my mentors, and encourage me to grow my passion for education. I am pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and am expecting to graduate in 2018. My goal is to obtain a career in the field of Student Affairs. Before joining the team at the Career Center,  I worked in photography, as a cashier, and at a gym. Getting this job at the Career Center has been amazing and has opened up many doors for me. I love working on campus because of the great atmosphere and the drive students have to be successful.

The rewards in doing what I do

I love hearing success stories, and enjoy being part of such an amazing team. It makes me very proud to be a student and worker at CSUSM because the University strives to give students all the tools to be successful. I love that I can make a positive impact to CSUSM and to the community.

My words of wisdom to students

Embrace the challenges of college, of being independent, and and have fun because time will pass by so fast! Make the best out of this amazing experience!

In my free time

I enjoy hiking, playing with my dog, visiting my family, eating lots of food, and finding new things online to add to my bucket list! I also hope to travel the world someday.