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Morgan Wilson

Morgan Wilson

  • Student Assistant
  • 760-750-4902

My role at CSU San Marcos: My role as a front desk assistant is to help guide students to resources that will benefit them into having a successful career path.

My career path: I am currently a first year student so I am discovering many new opportunities along the way. I am a human development in health services major and want to work toward a career in the medical field.

The rewards in doing what I do: Working in the career center has helped me discover and appreciate the diversity we have here on campus. From being someone who is very introverted, having this role has helped me become more open and comfortable with talking to new people and guiding them to the wonderful resources we have here in the center!

My words of wisdom to students: Having a positive mindset will get you far more than being negative about everything. If you put good energy into the world, you will receive it back!

In my free time: On the weekends, I enjoy working out, going to concerts and spending time with my family as a way to relieve stress and tension!