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Who should fill out a Cougar Care Network (CCN) referral?

Any faculty or staff member who is concerned about a student.

When should I fill out a CCN referral?
At any time. Trust your instinct. If you are concerned about a student, please submit a referral. 

Where do I go to fill out a CCN referral?

  1. Go to the CCN website and click on the CCN Referral Form button.
  2. Go to the Faculty/Staff Resource page and click on the CCN WebLink that is located under Quick Links. 

What reason(s) might a student be referred to CCN?
Faculty/Staff should fill out a CCN referral when they have concerns about:

  • Academics (e.g. attendance, poor performance on assignments, at risk of failing course, etc.)
  • Behavioral (e.g. disruptive behavior, conduct, etc.)
  • Personal challenges (e.g. family crisis, death in the family, significant life changes, financial concerns, etc.)

How will a student be notified that he or she has been referred to CCN?
We encourage faculty and staff to let the student know that the role of the CARE Team is to provide information, resources, and support to students to ensure personal and academic success. Their endorsement of the CARE Team may encourage the student to respond and set up some time to chat. Within 48 hours of the referral, a member of the Cougar Care Network will contact the student via phone or email to inform them of the referral. 

If my student suddenly stopped attending class, should I fill out a Cougar Care Network form?
Yes, students may need guidance on how to complete the withdrawal process and it is a good opportunity for our team to connect with the student.

What is the difference between Cougar Care Network (CCN) and Student Outreach And Referral (SOAR)?
CCN and SOAR are both initiatives to support and promote students’ academic and personal success. SOAR is the front door for students and their families to access resources (self-referral). CCN is focused on supporting students through faculty/staff referrals.   

Can I expect a response once I submit a referral?
Yes, faculty and staff will receive an acknowledgement of their referral and additional information will be shared as appropriate.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?
Please contact Dean of Students Office at 760-750-7627.