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Going Beyond Content of Video Games
Sinem Siyahhan is used to receiving incredulous looks when she refers to the first-person shooter video game "Halo" as family friendly.

Surf Science: Why It Matters
Two California professors are changing the sport for the better.  Sean Newcomer and Jeff Nessler - surfers, San Diego natives, and the masterminds behind California State University San Marcos' Surf Research Lab. 

CSUSM Student Makes Most of Congressional Internship Opportunity
Jessica Dockstader was understandably nervous heading off to participate in the Panetta Institute's Congressional Internship Program in August.  Jessica, a human development major, knew she would be surrounded by political science students and was concerned about being behind in her knowledge of the political landscape.

Research Plays Key Role for Human Development Faculty
Faculty members in Cal State San Marcos' human development program are in agreement when it comes to their students:  The students all want to make a difference in people's lives.

Human Development Students Making a Difference
Eliza Bigham knows from experience the importance of culturally appropriate toys for children in different countries.

Extended Stay for CSUSM's Women's Hackathon
Youwen Ouyang has always been impressed by the young women who participate in the Women's Hackathon at Cal State San Marcos

Passion for preparing middle school teachers as strong as ever
Erika Daniels says there are two common reponses people outside the teaching community have when somebody says they want to be a middle school teacher.

Award Honors Single Subject Credential Program for Collaboration
Annette Daoud thought a project she is part of at Cal State San Marcos fulfilled all the qualifications requested for an award application from the California Council on Teacher Education.

Nursing student overcomes challenges to earn CSU Trustees' Award
Carolina Quirarte has seen first-hand the difference that a healthcare provider’s demeanor can have on a patient.

Student Healthcare Project Making Difference in Communities
Cal State San Marcos participants in the Student Healthcare Project follow a similar pattern each semester.

Video Games, Literacy, and Learning
Sinem Siyahhan, an assistant professor in the School of Education, is teaching a course that might immediately pique the interest of anyone who grew up playing Super Mario Bros. or Call of Duty.

Dr. Jodi Robledo: A Passionate Advocate for Special Education
Ever since Dr. Jodi Robledo began tutoring students with disabilities as part of her high school service-learning program, she has been dedicated to understanding how individuals with disabilities learn and the most effective ways to teach them.

Students making a difference at Speech-Language Clinic
CSUSM graduate students work with clients under the supervision of state-licensed and nationally certified speech-language pathologists. The free clinic provides services to people with neurological impairments to help improve speech, language and cognitive skills.

Dr. Wendy Hansbrough: Training a New Generation of Nurses
Dr. Wendy Hansbrough has long had a love for teaching. Over the years she helped train new nurses at the University of Colorado Hospital Burn Center and later at UC San Diego Health, where she worked from 1984 to 2007. Now she’s using her expertise and experience as an assistant professor at the Cal State San Marcos School of Nursing.

Retired Navy Captain Serves Again . . . in a San Marcos Middle School Classroom
“It was intimidating.”  That’s what Elliott Powell remembered feeling the moment he stepped into his classroom on his first day of teaching at San Marcos Middle School just two years ago. And it’s not like he hadn’t been in stressful situations before.

New professor tackles student stress with Cogtoolz planner
Dr. Christina Holub, recently hired as an assistant professor of public health at Cal State San Marcos, created a wellness-focused academic planner to help students better cope with school-life balance.

Write On:  SMWP continues to help K-12 educators
The San Marcos Writing Project is one of about 200 sites of the National Writing Project, a professional development network of teachings aiming to improve student-writing achievement.

Master of Social Work program earns accreditation
Master of Social Work (MSW) program has been granted accreditation by the Council on Social Work Education, the national accrediting body for social work higher education.

Coming Full Circle:  Returning to California to Join CSUSM's Social Work Program
Cal State San Marcos Assistant Professor Madeline Lee is committed to issues of social justice for those who are most vulnerable.

Human Development students forge special bond on Brazil trip
Students in Dr. Bigham's HD 495 Field Experience course couldn't have imagined the emotional bond that would develop over just a couple of weeks working with children in Brazil.

CSUSM appoints new Director of the School of Education
Dr. Patricia Stall, a CSUSM faculty member since 2003, has been appoined Director of the School of Education in the College of Education, Health & Human Services.

Connecting STEM and Play through Game Design
Dr. Sinem Siyahhan, Assistant Professor of Educational Technology in the School hosted 125 Vista Magnet Middle School students on CSUSM campus for two days to teach them how to design games.

CSUSM hires first Director of Public Health
Dr. Emmanuel Iyiegbuniwe, an educator with more than 25 years of experience in academic administration, teaching and research, has been appointed the Director of Public Health at CSUSM.  Dr. Iyiegbuniwe will provide vision, leadership and administrative direction for a new Master of Public Health program in the early stages of accreditation. 

On the Breaking Wave of Action Sport Research
Surfers Pride themselves on reading waves, analyzing conditions and finding the sweet spot on a dynamic playing field that is constantly changing.  Now the action sports industry is taking notice as two CSUSM kinesiology researchers use their expertise to help surfers increase performance and health.

CSUSM researches making waves
The next generation of surfboards may be more efficient, a new line of wetsuits may be more comfortable, and future surf tops may be more durable because of research being conducted at Cal State San Marcos.

CSUSM graduate advocates now and in the future
Human development major Kyle Azcuna finishes his time at CSUSM leaving behind a legacy of campus involvement and planning a future as an educator.

CSUSM community reaches out to refugees with art
Throughout the year, CSUSM students, faculty and community partners participated in the Art Miles Mural Project.

Operation Art bring support to local veterans, homeless
CSUSM Human Development students help paint a mural for Operation Art at one of their biweekly Friday Meetings.

CSUSM and Social Work Promoted on Padres Pre-Game Show
Saturday, April 23, 2016, was Social Work Day at the San Diego Padres.

Social Work Hosts Colloquium on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)
The Department of Social Work hosted a colloguium on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) with nationally renowned speaker, Carol Redding, M.A.

Solving Critical Issues:  Dedicated to Improving the Health of Others
Dr. Devan Romero, assistant professor of Kinesiology, has helped establish a wellness program at a local high schook, works with the community to adopt healthier strategies, and has long focused her research into factors determining substance abuse and other risk-taking behaviors.

Bilingual education is effective way to teach English:  Letters
In a recent analysis, Cal State San Marcos Professors Grace and David McField examined all available studies comparing bilingual education and English immersion.

2 Million NSF Grant Could Change How Science and Technology Is Taught
The title of the project may sound complex—Quality Understanding and Engagement for Students and Teachers on Computational Thinking—but the theory behind the effort is simple: Start building the problem-solving and critical-thinking skills of students while they’re young so that they can tackle increasingly complex subjects as they progress through school.

CSUSM Launches New Bachelor of Science in Speech-Language Pathology
California State University San Marcos (CSUSM) is responding to a growing need for undergraduate training in speech-language pathology by launching a Bachelor of Science in Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) for fall 2016. Applications will be accepted starting October 7th of this year.

Receive Help Caring for a Loved One at Free Caregiver Resource Fair
Oct. 3 event brings together experts, resources and contacts for those in need of caregiving information.

Solving the Healthcare Crisis: Holistic Treatment through Palliative Care
Thanks to curricula pioneered by the CSU Institute for Palliative Care, professors at Cal State San Marcos are integrating palliative care instruction into their curriculum to provide future health care professionals with a more holistic approach in treating patients with chronic conditions.

CSUSM Earns Initial Accreditation for M.S. in Speech Language Pathology
California State University San Marcos (CSUSM) has earned initial accreditation from the Council on Academic Accreditation (CAA) of the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA) for the Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) program.

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Better Together:  CA Teachers Summit
California State University San Marcos was one of over thirty locations across the state where teachers came together to share innovative strategies that empower PreK-12 teachers and build powerful teacher communities to positively impact our students.

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CSUSM Students and Faculty Study the Physiology Impact of Surfing
Students and teachers in the Kinesiology department are studying the science of surfing.  Students have the opportunity to research a recreational sport like surfing and exhibit how it benefits our physical and psychological health.

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Teaching: A Career In High Demand
Nationally, schools will need 100,000 new teachers in the next ten years. The CSUSM School of Education proudly prepares teachers to make a difference in the lives of children.

CSUSM’s School of Nursing Ranked High in the Western Region
The School of Nursing (SoN) at California State University San Marcos (CSUSM) is one of only three in the California State University (CSU) system to make the top 15 list in a new ranking of nursing schools in the western United States.

Meeting the Demand for Great Teachers - Then and Now
It’s often said that despite temporary economic conditions, budget cuts or other factors that may impact our nation’s education system, the need for great teachers is timeless and universal.

State-Of-The-Art Nursing Facility Opens On Campus
Students, faculty and staff celebrated the opening of CSUSM’s new state-of-the-art nursing facility, bringing nurse education on campus for the first time since the program’s inception in the fall of 2006.

Surf Fitness – Undergraduate Research Studies the Biomechanics and Physiological Benefits of Surfing
Sean Newcomer, assistant professor of Kinesiology, discusses his research on the physiological benefits of surfing.

CSUSM’s Moses Ochanji Named a Carnegie African Diaspora Fellow
Moses Ochanji, associate professor of Science Education and associate director of CSUSM's School of Education, has been named a Carnegie African Diaspora Fellow

Cal State San Marcos Working with Fourth Graders Impacted by Homelessness to Change Civic Education
Students from a San Diego school for homeless children attend a mock trial, part of a curriculum developed by Fran Chadwick, associate professor of Education, to teach art, critical thinking and civics.

Taking the Lead in Dual Language Education
The Dual Language Certificate, offered through the Master of Arts in Education program, trains educators for classrooms where students learn everything in English and another language such as Spanish, French or Mandarin.

Students Travel to Central America for Service, Research and Cultural Competency
Nine CSUSM students travel to Guatemala to conduct research, study the country's culture and healthcare customs, and work on service projects.

Student Saves a Life on the Way to Class
As the spring semester came to a close and while most college students were cramming for finals and making summer plans, Lindsey Cunningham, a human development major, donated bone marrow to a 10-year-old boy she has never met.

School of Nursing Clinic to Provide Free Care to the Poor
Students from the School of Nursing gain valuable experience while providing care for low-income residents at a free clinic in Oceanside.