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Research and Publications

Sinem Siyahhan is shedding new light on the old adage “a family that plays together, stays together.”

Taking a decade of research into the learning and bonding that occur when families play video games together, the assistant professor of educational technology and learning sciences in the School of Education at Cal State San Marcos teamed with fellow researcher Elisabeth Gee in compiling a new book, “Families at Play: Connecting and Learning Through Video Games” (MIT Press, 2018) that underscores how gaming favorites from Halo to Minecraft can be tools for connection rather than barriers isolating different generations.  Learn more...

Recent publications by Ana Hernández, Assistant Professor, Multilingual/Multicultural Education; Annette Daoud, Professor, Multilingual/Multicultural Education; and Anne René Elsbree, Associate Professor, Teaching, Learning & Leadership.

  • March 2015:  “Preparing Secondary Teachers for Common Core Instruction with Long-Term English Learners” by Ana Hernández, Anne René Elsbree & Annette Daoud, Multilingual Educator, California Association for Bilingual Education Conference Edition.
  • Feb. 2015: “Language Status in Dual Immersion: The Dynamics Between English and Spanish in Peer Interaction” by Ana Hernández, Journal of Immersion and Content-Based Language Education.
  • Dec. 2014: “Equitable Instruction for Secondary Latino English Learners: Examining Critical Principles of Differentiation in Lesson Design” by Anne René Elsbree, Ana Hernández & Annette Daoud, Association of Mexican-American Educators (AMAE) Journal.
  • Dec. 2014: “Cross-Cultural equity: Pathway for Impoverished and Marginalized Students in Two-way Bilingual Immersion Programs” by Ana Hernández & Annette Daoud, Readings in Language Studies: Language and Social Justice.
  • March 2014: “Two-way Immersion Middle School: Examining Cross-Cultural Student Dispositions” by Ana Hernández & Annette Daoud, Multilingual Educator, California Association for Bilingual Education Conference Edition.

Jacqueline Thousand, Professor of Special Education, has published the second edition of DIFFERENTIATING INSTRUCTION: PLANNING FOR UNIVERSAL DESIGN AND TEACHING FOR COLLEGE AND CAREER READINESS (Corwin). Thousand, and co-authors Richard Villa and Ann Nevin provide case studies, lesson plans tied to the Common Core and strategies to differentiate instruction in mixed ability classrooms with emphasis on technology, cultural competencies, and the needs of English learners and who have diverse learning needs.

MIDDLE AND HIGH SCHOOL ENGLISH LEARNERS AND THE COMMON CORE (Pearson) by Annette Daoud is a primer on how to teach language and content to English learners at the middle and high school levels.  Daoud, Professor of Multilingual/Multicultural Education, draws from her 15 years of experience in teaching secondary teachers and teaching candidates.  She presents effective teaching strategies that include identifying proficiency levels, tailoring instruction for each level and the use of ELD standards and formulating effective lesson plans in the content areas of English language arts, math, science and social studies.

The MISEDUCATION OF ENGLISH LEARNERS: A TALE OF THREE STATES AND LESSONS TO BE LEARNED (Information Age Publishing) is a collection of articles edited by Grace McField, Associate Professor of Multilingual/Multicultural Education.  The book examines the impact of the English-only language education policies that passed in California, Arizona and Massachusetts in 1998, 2000 and 2002, respectively.  The authors present arguments in support of a review of these legislations and make recommendations for changes in education and language education policy at local, state and national levels.  In addition to serving as editor, McField has authored two chapters and co-authored a meta-analytic study in the book.  The author and book were cited in Education Week in an article titled, “Calif. Bill Would Repeal Bilingual-Education Restrictions” and in an article on the California Senate Education committee hearing of Senate Bill 1174.