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Opposition to a Proposed Course or Program

If proposed new curriculum or a curricular/program change (C, C-2, P-2 form) is formally opposed by a department/unit, but the form is recommended for approval by the college-level curriculum committee and the University Curriculum Committee (UCC), then the following procedure will be followed:

  1. The originator and the opposed will be informed that the curriculum has been recommended for approval by UCC and are made aware of the process for bringing the curriculum to the Academic Senate (per the following three steps).
  2. The curriculum will be placed on the Academic Senate Consent Calendar.*
  3. Opposition to the course will be noted in UCC’s report to the Senate and a link to all relevant review materials will be provided.
  4. Senate will vote on the consent calendar.**

*Unless in conflict with standing rule 3 of the Academic Senate standing rules. Curriculum which is potentially contentious for reasons beyond the declared departmental opposition may be presented as discussion items, at the discretion of UCC  and EC.

**Items may be removed from the Consent Calendar for further discussion, at the request of a Senator.

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