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we know first-hand the power of the arts to improve the lives and education of our children. Whether it be in the ways that music and rhythm can help teach difficult math concepts, dance can teach anatomy and physiology, drama can teach history or politics, or writing poetry can boost confidence and competence in self-expression, the arts repeatedly demonstrate invaluable benefits in a child's education. We have seen student learning improve across the curriculum, marginalized students get connected, and attendance soar on days featuring the arts and art activities.

We take as our mission to teach with and through the arts, rather than focusing exclusively on teaching about the arts. Capitalizing on this rapidly developing and expanding field, and pioneering the field along the way, we create and implement diverse arts education programming, documenting tangible results. Through our long term partnerships with schools, districts, artists, and arts education institutions, we connect educators with the tools, resources, and personnel to seamlessly integrate the arts into their classrooms and programs, exposing students to a rich, diverse arts education and improving student learning across the curriculum.

Whether you are an educator, artist, parent, student, or concerned community member, we encourage you to think of this website as a resource and a means to connect with like minded individuals. Center ARTES is committed to remaining on the leading edge of arts education research, development, and practice, and to sharing the fruits of our labor with you.

"Arts Education - It's the Law. Ask for More"

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