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Center ARTES is a leading edge arts education organization founded on award winning programs and effective partnerships that have been making a difference in the lives of San Diego County children since 1993. Now, as a chartered Center (2003) at Cal State San Marcos, we are continuing our work to galvanize San Diego County arts educators into a diverse community with a common vision.

Arts education research is demonstrating more and more that it is an enjoyable, effective way to keep kids interested in their education and to improve their performance across the curriculum (visit our Research page for more information). Overall, arts education contributes to raising our children to be intelligent, empowered, active members of our communities, and to enjoy life more along the way.

Donations to Center ARTES are tax deductible, and donors will receive a letter acknowledging their contribution for tax purposes. You may contribute by making a general donation, or by specifying which of our programs you wish to support. Options include the ARTSmobile, SUAVE, and a number of different initiatives over the course of the year.

For Online Giving:

Donate to ART=OPPORTUNITY to support our programs and research

To Mail In Your Gift:

Print and fill out this Membership/Donation form and mail to:
Center ARTES
333 S. Twin Oaks Valley Rd.
San Marcos, CA 92096

You can also contact us directly for more information on our programs or current giving opportunities. Thank you for your interest!

Executive Director:
Merryl Goldberg, Ed.D.