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CHABSS Voices: Black Excellence

Congratulations to our February Winners!

By Bailey Aquila, VPA Arts & Tech major

CHABSS Dean's Pick

Bailey Aquila
VPA Arts & Tech major

By Jason Andrade, Arts & Tech major

CHABSS Staff Pick

Jason Andrade
VPA Arts & Tech major

About this piece, Jason says, "My inspiration are the powerful figures in my poster, who made a difference in our history and the power of African Americans." 

By Tanya Loredo, AMD Arts & Tech major

CHABSS Dean's Pick Honorable Mention

Tanya Loredo
AMD Arts & Tech major

Tanya says her piece represents first-generation students. 

by Marilyn Huerta

CHABSS Dean's & Staff Pick  for Faculty/Staff Entry

Marilyn Huerta, CEHHS communications specialist

Acrylic on canvas. About this piece, Marilyn says, "I painted it when all the shooting of young Black men/boys were taking place and I was inspired by the song, “What’s Going On” by Marvin Gaye. It depicts mothers of all these young men." Maryilyn adds that this piece was created without looking at the canvas. A technique called 'blind contour'.

Thank you to all our entrants.

The Black Excellence theme was our most competitive contest yet! 

March's theme is Community Service. The deadline for entries is March 22 at 5 pm. 

By Nyla Abdallah, AMD major By Nyla Abdallah, AMD major
By Aled Anaya, AMD major By Aled Anaya, AMD major
By Mallory Arcena, AMD Graphic Design major By Mallory Arcena, AMD Graphic Design major. About this piece, Mallory says, "The individuals on the poster are Marsha P. Johnson, Angela Davis, and Ruby Bridges."
By AdaLee Beverly, Biology major and graphic arts student By AdaLee Beverly, Graphic Design student, Biology major. About this piece, AdaLee says, "Portraits of Sarah Boone, Garrett Morgan, Frederick McKinley Jones, James E. West, and Mark Dean, inventors of the folding ironing board, 3-light traffic light, refrigerated transport, the electric microphone, and the IBM color monitor, respectively."
By Alexa Bloedorn, AMD Art & Tech major By Alexa Bloedorn, AMD Arts & Tech major
By William Brewster, AMD major By William Brewster, AMD major
By Wendy Castillo, AMD Arts & Tech major By Wendy Castillo, AMD Arts & Tech major.
By Tyler Farris, AMD Digital Media majorBy Tyler Farris, AMD Digital Media major. About this piece, Tyler says, "I wanted to pay homage to Black Excellence by creating something that honors Malcolm X. He is an inspiration to myself and a ton of others so that's the route I chose to go with this contest." 
By Asia Fitzgerald, AMD majorBy Asia Fitzgerald, AMD major. About this piece, Asia says, "My design is inspired by black political leaders and activists that have/are serving our country and leading the American people. I think it's integral to represent these individuals to inspire future generations and to promote black excellence."
By Silvestre Galicia, VPA majorBy Silvestre Galicia, VPA major.
American Excellence By Patricia IsinkaiyeBy Patricia Isinkaiye, AMD major
By Ana LintnerBy Ana Lintner, AMD major (graphic design)
Black is strong posterBy Sarah Lizarde, AMD Arts & Tech major
Black Lives MAtter, Martin Luther King Jr. PosterBy Brian Leonardo, AMD Arts & Tech major
By Heatherlee Morton, AMD major, Film Studies minorBy Heatherlee Morton, AMD major and Film Studies minor 
By Nolan Nguyen, AMD majorBy Nolan Nguyen, AMD major
By Hannah Rae OlguinBy Hannah Rae Olguin, AMD major.
By Eric Pullen, AMD 102 student, Communication majorBy Eric Pullen, student in AMD 102, Communication major. About this piece, Eric says, "My poster demonstrates Black Excellence through fashion statements. For years, minorities groups who fought to be heard and noticed like the Black Panthers have created brands for themselves, and along with these brands came a certain look. For today's young Black men and women that brand and style consist of clothing coordination and Air Jordans. Although, this is not a style that is represented by all African Americans, it still is a representation of how Black men and women express themselves."
By Melanie Ramirez, AMD Arts & Tech majorBy Melanie Ramirez, AMD Arts & Tech major
By Amanda Rij, AMD major By Amanda Rij, AMD major
By Preston Roberts, Computer Science majorBy Preston Roberts, student in AMD 202 and a Computer Science major
By Shelby Rossman, AMD majorBy Shelby Rossman, AMD major. Shelby says she wants to highlight the contributions of Stokely Carmichael, who marched with Cesar Chavez. She says, "This collaboration between Mexican-American and Black activists was a monumental show of support between these persecuted groups. My poster provides information on Stokely Carmichael's work with the farm workers.
By Anthony Saucedo, AMD majorBy Anthony Saucedo, AMD major
By Nicole Staffer, AMD majorBy Nicole Stauffer, AMD major. About this piece, Nicole says, "I love jazz, funkadelic, and a lot of other music that has been pioneered by Black folk and the Black community. I was inspired by quotes, album covers, and music."
By Melissa UrrutiaBy Melissa Urrutia, VPA major
By Leslie Vasquez, AMD majorBy Leslie Vasquez, AMD major
By Lauren White, AMD Arts & Tech majorBy Lauren White, AMD Arts & Tech major
By Taeya Yenche, AMD Digital Arts major By Taeya Yenche, AMD Digital Art major
 By Lina Awadella Iskander, AMD majorBy Lina Awadalla Iskander, AMD major
By Jakob Tousseau By Jakob Tousseau
By Paige IrickBy Paige Irick, AMD major, minor in Communication
By Zayla Paschall, student in AMD 204, Kinesiology majorBy Zayla Paschall, student in AMD 204, Kinesiology major