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Budget Committee

The charge of the Budget Committee (BC) is to make recommendations to the dean concerning the allocation of the fiscal budget of the College. Laboratory course budgets, compensation for department chairs, course-based fees, and other short-range budget considerations will be addressed by the BC. Allocation of College funds for faculty development will also be subject to recommendation by the BC, but decisions regarding the disbursement of those funds will be handled by the Faculty Development Committee.

1.1       The voting members of the BC shall be five faculty: two members representing each of the two divisions (humanities and arts; social and behavioral sciences), who are elected by the faculty within their respective divisions; and a fifth   member elected at large from among the eligible College faculty.  

1.2       Ex officio, non-voting members shall include a member of the College support staff and the Dean or his/her representative.

1.3       Committee members shall serve staggered terms of two years and shall be selected before May 1 of the previous academic year.

1.4       The Dean or his/her representative shall discuss with the BC the planning, acquisition, and management of the College budget on an annual basis.

Committee Details

Spring 2019 Meeting Schedule: Every other Thursday 12p-1p

Committee Contacts

  • HA: Antonio Zaldivar (Chair)
  • HA: Mark Wallace 
  • BSS: Jon Spenard
  • BSS: Karen Glover
  • At-Large:  Daniel Berry 
  • Lecturer Rep: Terri Metzger
  • Associate Dean: Kristin Bates (ex-officio)
  • Administrative Support: Angela Baggett

More information and resources are available to all CHABSS faculty on the CHABSS Shared Governance Moodle