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Interdisciplinary Steering Committee

Vision Statement for Interdisciplinarity in CHABSS

(Developed by the Interdisciplinary Steering Committee November 2016)

CHABSS is committed to fostering interdisciplinary collaborations within the college, across the university, and in concert with local communities. CHABSS values the central role that an integrative approach to education plays in advancing a diverse, just, and vibrant society. Interdisciplinarity teaches students how to ask and answer questions, solve problems, and address contemporary social issues by integrating diverse perspectives and methodologies.

Interdisciplinary education prepares students to succeed in a wide range of careers, and to be informed, empathetic, and ethical citizens and life-long learners. Through exposure to interdisciplinary approaches to local and global issues, students cultivate essential skills of communication, versatility, critical thinking, problem-solving, and the ability to adapt to different learning and career environments. Interdisciplinary practices foster curiosity, exploration, and a desire to listen and learn from multiple sources in order to understand more about the world and diverse experiences.

A commitment to interdisciplinarity engenders and supports synergies among teacher-scholars within the College and University, building strong connections across and between departments and programs. Our commitment to interdisciplinary approaches leads to the creation of new knowledge, cutting-edge scholarship and creative activity, innovative curricula and pedagogies, and effective collaborations within our diverse community and region.