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Bridegette Keene

Bridgette Keene

Budget Planning & Personnel Analyst, Dean's Office of CHABSS

Please take a moment to learn more about our colleague: Bridgette Keene. We encourage you to reach out to Bridgette throughout the month to recognize her contribution to the college and University via email, telephone or in person.

Years at CSUSM? 20

What is your short term goal? Close out another fiscal year and land the CHABSS budget within our forecasted goals

What is your long term goal?  Complete my bachelor’s degree

What is your greatest accomplishment (personal or professional)? – I’m happy to have reached my 20th year at CSUSM.  One never knows which direction our career paths will take us so I didn’t expect it - but now that it’s here - I’m very happy about it.   I’m also thrilled to be getting the knack of making homemade pizza.

What is favorite movie? Oh…I love films and I have so many favorites.  “Mary Poppins” because it was the very first movie I ever saw, “My Dinner with Andre” because it so captured my imagination when I was a young 20-something,  and very recently, “Lincoln” because I adore Abraham Lincoln (and Daniel Day-Lewis). 

What is your favorite food?  Cheese…isn’t it amazing how many delicious types of cheeses there are in the world?

What is your favorite book?  The Little Prince

What are your hobbies?  Cooking, baking, reading

Tell us about your family: I come from a big family which includes 7 siblings, 11 aunts, 4 uncles and 56 first cousins.  I think growing up in a big family really taught me a lot about getting along (and surviving!) with groups and individuals from different backgrounds, and with different interests and strengths.  My brother Marty is one of my best friends (he is in the photo with me).  He was born with such a big heart…a real Earth Angel.   I have three grown children: Thomas, Ellie,  Hannah, and a granddaughter Destiny.  Being friends with my adult children has been a supreme joy and ditto for being a Grandma.  

What is the proudest/happiest moment of your life?  The days my kids and granddaughter were born are right at the very top of my happiest days list. 

What is your favorite thing about working at CSUSM?  The people…it has been wonderful knowing and working with such great people.  I love working with all the new staff and faculty but I do have a special soft spot for the old-timers (you know who you are).   I have always worked in higher education and I appreciate working for an organization that is about education and not about the bottom-line.  It’s been especially satisfying to have worked for a young CSU campus and to have been part of the development and growth of CSUSM.  We’ve come a long way!

What would you like to do when you retire?  Spend more time with my family, travel, read, cook, learn the art of napping.

Who is the most famous person you ever met?  I have never met anyone famous.  I wish I could have met the late writer/thinker Doris Lessing.   I wish more famous people were like her…