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Patty Canas

Patty Cañas

Please take a moment to learn more about our colleague: Patty Cañas who was the staff spotlight for March 2013.

Administrative Coordinator, History Department

Years at CSUSM? Not enough to retire.

What is your short term goal?  Make it through the week without any major drama.

What is your long term goal?  To move back to Spain, maybe somewhere in Europe.

What is your greatest accomplishment (personal or professional)? – My babies. Ask me this question in about 10 years, I might change my mind.

What is favorite movie? It’s a tie between “Gone with the Wind” and “Top Gun”

What is your favorite food?  Pizza and dark chocolate

What is your favorite book? “Rain of Gold” by Victor Villaseñor

What are your hobbies? I don’t have much time for hobbies; with 2 young kids, answering plastic cell phones, tickling the kids, making train tracks and play hide and seek, have replace my hobbies.

Tell us about your family: I have a wonderful husband and two boys, 4 years old and 7 months old.

What is the proudest/happiest moment of your life? The proudest, birth of my boys. The happiest? Well it’s every day when my oldest son tells me “te quiero mucho mama” and hearing both kids laugh-it always makes me smile.

What is your favorite thing about working at CSUSM?  I love helping students, working with staff and faculty, if I leave work one day knowing that I made someone’s day, then it was a good day.  I love the fun and energetic environment we work in.

What would you like to do when you retire? Travel and sleep past 5am

Who is the most famous person you ever met? As lame as it might sound, I have never met anyone famous.