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Who Does What?

CHABSS Dean Office Staff - Fall 2022

Dean Liora Gubkin


Liora Gubkin

  • Provides academic leadership to the College
  • Approves faculty hiring, oversees budget, conducts fundraising,
  • Promotes academic programs, and provides management oversight
Elisa Grant-Vallone

Associate Dean

Elisa Grant-Vallone

  • Budget- College Planning
  • Class Schedule Planning
  • TT Faculty General Questions
Carmen smiling

Associate Dean

Carmen Nava

  • Curriculum Matters
  • Student Success Initiatives
  • College Staff General Questions
Kim Knowles Yanez


Kimberley Knowles-Yanez

  • Faculty Development
  • Inclusion Matters
  • General Faculty Questions
Angela smiling

Lead Operations Analyst

Angela Baggett

  • Faculty Student Course Evaluations
  • College-Wide Elections
  • Governance Committees
  • Travel & Signature Items
  • Staff On-boarding & Staff training


College-wide Support Coordinator

Amanda Altamirano

  • Directory Updates (college-wide)
  • Supplies
  • Supports Ad-hoc College Committees
  • Assists with Dean's Office and College-Wide Events
  • Admin Support for the Associate Deans
Jessica Wilson bitmoji 

College-wide Operations Analyst

Jessica Wilson

  • Assistant to the Dean (scheduling)
  • RTP -Retention, Tenure, & Promotion
  • Searches - TT Faculty
  • Assists with College-Wide Events
Leo with a hat

Director of Student Success

Leo Melena

  • Career Readiness/Career Network
  • Student Services
  • Student Issues
  • Global Commitment Committee
  • Travel (Student)



  • College-Wide Communications
  • College-Wide Social Media
  • College Newsletter
  • Event Planning
Gina smiling

Arts & Lectures Program Planner

Gina Jones

  • Arts and Lectures events and planning

Lead Budget Planning &
Personnel Analyst

Krista Thomas

  • Budget-Operating/Personnel/
  • Grants-External, Stipends,
    Course Releases
  • Payroll Issues and Problems
    (Staff & TT)
  • Start-up Funds (new faculty)
  • TT faculty ESP

Administrative Analyst

Josephine Rosas

  • Lecturers/PT Faculty/ESP
  • Payroll: Lecturers
  • Time Reporting: Staff/Student
  • Unit 11 Employees (ISA, GA, TA)

Budget and Contracts Analyst 

Maria Clements

  • Lecturer salaries
  • Lecturer contracts
  • Lecturer evaluations

Planning & Resources Support Coordinator

Carmen Garcia

  • Computer Equipment request
  • Ergonomic Evaluation
  • Relocation & Moves
  • Telephone-Service