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CHABSS Professors Who Are GEMs - Going the Extra Mile

HIST Professor Kimber Quinney

"Dr. Q is my faculty advisor for the single subject waiver in History for the CSET. She has gone the extra mile in helping me feel prepared and secure applying to the different CSU credential programs! Thank you so much Dr. Q." - Ray W.


LBST Professor Rich Schultz

"Professor Schultz is the absolute best. He exemplifies the joy in teaching and is committed to helping all his students succeed. This semester was hard for all of us, but he didn't let that stop us from reaching our potential. He is a GEM, and I think that without his enthusiasm and commitment to teaching us, I wouldn't have been as motivated to get through this semester. His kind soul is one of the reasons I strive to be a teacher." 
- Katie Minney

Soc Professor Muna-Udbi Ali

"She is the best Soc professor I’ve ever had! She is a true GEM. She's passionate about her class and seeing her students succeed. She keeps it real with everyone, and I admire her determination and resilience. I thought my Sociological Theory class was going to be boring, but this class was by far my favorite and it was never boring. She is truly a professor who cares about her students, and continues to be there! A TRUE GEM!! A GOAT (greatest of all time)!!!" 
- Anonymous

WGSS Professor Jacquelyn Kilpatrick

"Thank you for listening to students and being understanding during this virtual time. I really appreciate how you always keep in contact with the class - it makes me feel more connected to the material, and have a better learning experience." 
- Julia Glorioso

MLS Professor Veronica Arenas

"Thank you for sending weekly emails with all of the assignments and information for the week. It is so helpful to get reminded of that information and helps students to be more successful during this virtual time!"
- Julia Glorioso

LTWR Professor Martha Stoddard-Holmes

"Dr. Stoddard-Holmes always goes out of her way to help students—especially online. She gives great feedback on essays, and she is passionate about what she teaches. She helped me feel at ease as a transfer student new to CSUSM. She is an amazing professor."
- Gracie

LTWR Professor Robin Keehn

"Dr. Keehn is an amazing professor and woman. She inspires me not only in writing but teaching as well. Her class is always the highlight of my week!"
- Allie

LTWR Professor Robin Keehn

Professor Keehn is a GEM for her passion and pushing us to be beter writers every day.
- Anonymous

LBST Professor Rich Schultz

"Professor Schultz has been a great professor this semester. It is my first year at CSUSM, and he's made it a great year. He always has office hours and is willing to work around your schedule if you need to meet. If you're struggling, he's there for you and is willing to work with you. He's the best professor I've ever had. He's kind and gives you great feedback on your work. You can tell how dedicated and caring he is towards his students."
- Elizabeth Serrano

Sociology Professor Susan Miller

"Dr. Miller has bent over backwards for Social Stats students this semester! She's gone above and beyond throughout the pandemic for us."             - Brenna

Sociology Professor Muna-Udbi Ali

"Dr. Ali was such an amazing and kind soul last semester (Spring 2020). She always made sure that every student felt comfortable especially after the switch to online. I was truly inspired by Dr. Ali’s love for teaching!" 
- Taylor Schreiber

Art, Media, & Design Professor
Kristine Diekman

"Thank you for making the class so organized and Cougar Courses so easy to navigate. I really enjoy the lecture videos and find them quick and informative!" - Julia Glorioso

Liberal Studies Professor Rich Schultz

"Rich always made class interesting and talked about teaching elementary students. He made LBST 300 thoughtful and fulfilling and made me realize that the profession (teaching) I’m going into is the right choice. I loved the conversations we'd have in class and the stories and questions Rich would bring up always made me ponder and want to come back to class each week. This was truly my favorite class." - Eleanore Keane

WGSS Professor Kit-Bacon Gressitt

"Thank you for always being someone I could talk to regarding school and personal issues. I will never forget your support!" - Carina Martinez

PSYC Professor Dan Berry

"Dr. Berry is an absolutely fantastic professor who always encourages questions and takes the time to answer them whether it’s during class, by email, or during office hours. He never ever makes you feel bad about asking a question, and it’s truly appreciated. I have really enjoyed being in his class this semester and have undoubtedly learned a lot. Thank you for everything Dr. Berry! - Anonymous

AMD Professor Jonathan Berman

"Knowing a topic means you understand its depth and layers. TEACHING a topic however means someone else can experience those depths and layers when you talk about it. Professor Berman is the latter kind of professor. He allows students to experience a topic without it feeling forced or ham fisted. He gives cinema a breath of fresh air, excitement, and genuinely makes you feel like he wants to hear what you have to say. In my opinion, this is a testament to his character. He is the kind of person you want teaching a class." - Anonymous

ANTH Professor Isabelle Placentia

"I have thoroughly enjoyed ANTH 200 and the course material we have been learning. Anthropology aligns so well with my Political Science major which I find so interesting. Thank you for all the work that you do for students!" - Julia Glorioso

COMM Professor Elvis Nshom

"Professor Nshom is an amazing professor who loves what he teaches and is dedicated to his students’ intellectual growth." - Natalie

WGSS Professor Cecili Chadwick

"Professor Chadwick goest the extra mile for us students to be able to get the fullest understanding and knowledge of the course without feeling stressful. She's always available even with the time difference. She's very caring and understanding with our other classes during this time of adapting to doing all courses online, especially for transfer students. Our coursework shows great effort on the provided videos, documentaries, and readings that get us outside of our comfort zone while gaining important knowledge that can help us with our set views. Thank you!"
 - Eunice Diaz

LTWR Professor Martha Stoddard-Holmes

"Professor Stoddard-Holmes was amazing! She genuinely cares about each one of us and made me a better writer and critical thinker. She makes her lessons fun and I loved exploring some alternative options for the final. She’s so sweet and just the best. Thank you Professor!!"   - Megan Schneider

PSYC Professor Kristy Kay

"Professor Kay is extremely sweet and make the class a fun, friendly, and an inviting space. She is not only extremely organized on CC but she is also responsive to each student's needs! She has been so kind and understanding with all my accommodations and never has hesitated to help me out! It truly has been a blessing to be in her class!"                                        - Shannon Coogan


LTWR Professor Rachelle Fitzgerald

"I have learned so much about the art of writing! I really love that you care more about your students than the work. I've had a really tough couple of months, and you helped me through and made sure that I know that you are on my side. I can not thank you enough!" -  Emmalee

BST Professor Rich Schultz

"Professor Schultz is so great, and he’s always checking up on his students and making sure that we’re all doing well. He always has office hours and will work around your schedule if his office hours don’t work with your schedule. He's always supporting us and making his class interesting - you can tell he loves his job. He’s definitely one of the best professors I’ve ever had! He’s always so kind and gives the best feedback on assignments. He’s always going the extra mile and will do anything for his students!"    - Esther Son


 HIST Professor Alyssa Sepinwall

"Dr. S ALWAYS goes out of her way to connect with students, ensure they feel valued, and create a high quality learning environment despite being online. She is one of the best professors I have had so far! I hope she never stops teaching because we NEED more professors like her ."   - McKen

 LTWR Professor Christine Briggs

"Professor Briggs, being a student herself, was very helpful my freshman year. She was the one teacher I went to visit during office hours because she was very prominent on the fact that she wanted to help us (even if it was with other classes). She always made time for her students. Professor Brigg always said 'if you can’t meet during my office hours please let me know and we can go have coffee on campus whenever you are available'. I really liked having her as a professor because she really catered to the students."   - Haylee