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CHABSS Dean's Award 2019

Conner Whitten

Conner Whitten

CHABSS Dean's Outstanding Student
CSUSM's President's Outstanding Graduate

Psychological Sciences major

  • About Conner and his accomplishments

    Conner Whitten – CHABSS 2019 Outstanding Student – Conner is bestowed with CHABSS' highest graduating student achievement award.

    Additionally and more significantly,  he earned the 2019 CSUSM President's Outstanding Graduate award. This award is the university's highest honor bestowed upon a graduating student. It recognizes the student's exemplary contributions to their field and to the university. Honorees are nominated by faculty or staff and endorsed by their college's Dean. 

    Connor's leadership and contributions to the university and the greater community represents the best of CHABSS. 

    In Fall 2019, he will begin a doctoral program at the University of Tennessee Knoxville to pursue an academic career in neuroscience.

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Celeste Espindola Rodriguez

Celeste Espindola Rodriguez

CHABSS Community Champion

  • About Celeste and her accomplishments

     Celeste is a double major in Criminology & Justice Studies and Psychology. She’s a leader on campus in numerous community engagement initiatives. Some of Celeste’s accomplishments include serving as lead organizer for ASI’s Cougar Affordable Learning Materials (CALM) initiative, dedicated to helping all students be able to access course materials affordably; President of Trio Student Association, creating a mentoring community for first-generation, low income students; Founding member of the Transitions Collective, her efforts helped CSUSM earn a $100,000 grant for Project Rebound, a program assisting formerly incarcerated individuals wanting to enter and succeed at CSUSM. Celeste will begin a doctoral program in sociology at the University of California Davis in Fall 2019.

Lucas Schacht

Lucas Schacht

CHABSS Inclusive Excellence Champion

  • About Lucas and his accomplishments

    Lucas is a sociology major. His commitment to issues of justice and inclusion represents the best of CHABSS. Some of Lucas’ accomplishments in this area include service as: Cross-Cultural Center’s Student Specialist in Programming, facilitating discussions tackling topics such as gentrification, masculinity, activism in sports, and disabilities; Ally, Undocu-Research Project, researching the invisible struggles of undocumented high school students in today’s political climate; Volunteer, North County LGBTQ Resource Center, developed a service that guides and supports transgender individuals through the legal name and gender change process. Lucas’ work to support justice across identities and contexts demonstrates an intellectual and social commitment to improving life for students across campus. 

Ingrid Travão De Moraes

Ingrid Travão De Moraes

CHABSS Scholarship & Creative Works Champion

  • About Ingrid and her accomplishments

    Ingrid is a visual and performing arts major with an emphasis in theatre. Her academic, professional, and personal achievements illustrate her intellectual prowess and tenacity as a scholar-artist. She has served as: A contributing artist, De-Escondido Exhibition: No Longer Hidden, addressing historical and present themes related to the Escondido region at the Center for the Arts Escondido; Director, “Sisters In The System” a play about women in the foster care system performed at Mesa College, Palomar College, and CSUSM; TRIO McNair Scholar, a competitive, merit-based program assisting under-represented students in successfully completing their undergraduate degrees and preparing for and succeeding in graduate school. Ingrid has been accepted to several graduate degree programs in California.