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The Office of the Dean of the College of Humanities, Arts, Behavioral and Social Sciences congratulates the following students for their academic accomplishment during the spring 2011 semester.

Anna Abramyan, Psychology
Ana Adame, Psychology
Janel Adams, Biological Sciences, Chemistry
Kristina Adams, Literature & Writing Studies
Lyndsey Adams, Liberal Studies
Nicole Adashek, Sociology
Julie Anne Agapito, Human Development, Spanish
Annette Aguilar, Literature & Writing Studies
Cosette Aguirre, Liberal Studies
Dexter Aguirre, Kinesiology
Travis Agustin, Communication
Krista Ahlgrim, Communication
Christopher Ahrens, Communication, Sociology
Megumu Aida, Visual & Performing Arts
Maricel Alamares, Communication
Joseph Alarcon, Criminology & Justice Studies, Psychology, Sociology
Janine Alayian, Biological Sciences, Chemistry
Susan Alejandre, Criminology & Justice Studies, Sociology
Brenda Aleman, Psychology
Kirsten Alfaro, Psychology
Alyssa Alfonso, Liberal Studies
Abby Algarin, Sociology
Hana Al-iesa, Liberal Studies
Kayla Alison, Kinesiology
Seara Allen, Liberal Studies
Russell Alm, Criminology & Justice Studies
Danielle Alpert, Liberal Studies
Esmeralda Alva, Human Development
Raisa Alvarado, Communication, Literature & Writing Studies
Gerry Alvarez, Criminology & Justice Studies
Menelia Alvarez, Human Development
Alison Amar, Liberal Studies
Stacy Ambriz, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Natalie Ambrose, Human Development, Spanish
Cecilia Ambrosio, Criminology & Justice Studies, Sociology
Gareth Ames, Kinesiology
Tyler Andersen, Literature & Writing Studies
Bridget Anderson, Liberal Studies
Llanee Anderson, Sociology
John Oscar Andersson, Undeclared
Venice Angel, Human Development
Jenna Anguiano, Spanish
Xy-za Antaran, Human Development
Jeffery Anttila, Literature & Writing Studies
Neelab Anwar, Biological Sciences
Suha Aqil, Human Development
Dominika Aranda, Liberal Studies
Caroline Arechiga, Social Science
Racien Arenas, Communication
Anthony Armijo, Liberal Studies
Alison Arnold, Liberal Studies
Corey Arnold, Economics, Political Science
Israel Arreola Sanchez, Criminology & Justice Studies
Kristina Asian, Human Development, Psychology
Bridget Askelson, Mass Media
Kathleen- Ann Atienza, Communication, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Solomon Atighi, Psychology
Julia Atkinson, Biotechnology
Katie Austin, Liberal Studies
Claudia Avila, Psychology
Laura Avila, Liberal Studies, Spanish
Rosalinda Avila, Liberal Studies
Lindsay Azevedo, Liberal Studies
Kathleen Badeaux, Human Development
Jennifer Baietto, Human Development
Tyler Bailey, Biological Sciences
Melissa Bair, Criminology & Justice Studies, Sociology
Brittany Baker, Communication
Kaly Baker, Human Development
Carina Balladares, Spanish, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Joanna Lynne Ballesta, Biological Sciences
Christian Baltazar, Criminology & Justice Studies
Jason Baluyot, Visual & Performing Arts
Heidi Balvaneda, Human Development
Angela Banegas, Literature & Writing Studies
Brittney Banfer, Biological Sciences
Sandy Banks, Liberal Studies
Daniel Barajas, Sociology
Liliana Barajas, Human Development, Spanish
Peter Barajas, Criminology & Justice Studies
Jorge Barba, Sociology
Sara Barbera Mompo, Undeclared
Candice Barnes, Criminology & Justice Studies
Devon Barnett, Kinesiology
Natalie Barrett, Anthropology
Maria Barron, Criminology & Justice Studies, Spanish
Rosalind Barron, Psychology
Tassiana Barros, Human Development
Marlyssa Barth, Liberal Studies
Nicholas Bartholomaus, Pre-Kinesiology
Michelle Basil, Anthropology
Scott Batchelder, Biological Sciences
Lennda Bauer, Anthropology
Casey Baumann, Kinesiology
Samantha Beasley, Biochemistry
Brittany Bedoe, Biological Sciences
Matthew Beem, Social Science
Gregory Behnke, Human Development
Katherine Behnke, Human Development
Carla Bejjani, Kinesiology
Allison Bell, Liberal Studies
Dahryn Bell, Literature & Writing Studies
Samantha Beltran, Literature & Writing Studies
Adam Bemanian, Visual & Performing Arts
Judith Bennington, Liberal Studies
Jaclyn Bentz, Liberal Studies
Oleg Berezni, Economics
Tiffany Bergeron, Literature & Writing Studies
Victoria Bernabe, Undeclared
Christopher Berry, Psychology
Leann Berry, Kinesiology
Alexandra Bianco, Liberal Studies
Stephanie Biggs, Literature & Writing Studies
Chelsie Biller, Literature & Writing Studies
Tori Bishop, Psychology
Alix Black, Biological Sciences, Chemistry
Carolyn Blizard, Liberal Studies
Hui Bo, Economics
Margaret Bohan, Liberal Studies
Danielle Bolduc, Psychology, Sociology
Madeline Bonin, Psychology
Meghan Bonine, Political Science
Steven Boop, Kinesiology
Kelly Borg, Liberal Studies, Visual & Performing Arts
Corey Boss, Kinesiology
Rowdy Bossard, History
Veronica Botello-Sanchez, Criminology & Justice Studies, Sociology, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Christina Bouska, Liberal Studies
Joshua Bousquet, Biochemistry
Christopher Bovet, History
Melissa Bowman, Liberal Studies
Christie Boyer, Social Science
Ethan Boyer, Computer Science, Physics
Michael Bracken, Computer Science
Kristin Bradbury, Kinesiology
Chanel Bradley, Visual & Performing Arts, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Morgan Brady, Liberal Studies
Alyssa Bragg, Liberal Studies
Sydney Branch, Liberal Studies
Sara Brandenburg, Visual & Performing Arts
Jill Brantner, History
Juan Bravo, Biological Sciences, Biotechnology, Chemistry
Collin Breen, Communication
Colleen Brickley, Biological Sciences
Kyle Bridges, Computer Science
Bridgette Brier, Human Development
Christine Briggs, Liberal Studies
Stephanie Brimson, History
Jacob Britzman, Criminology & Justice Studies
Erin Brostrom, Communication
Conner Brown, Criminology & Justice Studies, Spanish
Hannah Brown, Global Studies, Political Science
Jessica Brown, Communication
Mitchell Brown, Psychology
Randi Brown, Human Development
Whitney Brown, Kinesiology
Stephanie Bruccoleri, Liberal Studies
Emily Bruce, Psychology
Kathryn Brucks, Human Development
Tyler Brumbaugh, Literature & Writing Studies
Ariana Budgen, Sociology
Leticia Buenrostro, Psychology
Gina Bullock, Liberal Studies, Visual & Performing Arts
Eric Burga, Economics
Skylar Burnworth, Sociology
Alyssa Bush, Anthropology
Stacy Bush, Liberal Studies
Vanessa Bush, Communication, Mass Media
Meredith Bussell, Pre-Kinesiology
Steven Cabrera, Political Science
Marielle Cac, Criminology & Justice Studies
Sofia Cain, History, Liberal Studies
Karina Calderon, Literature & Writing Studies, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Taelani Camacho, Criminology & Justice Studies
Sahra Camberos, Liberal Studies
Jaclyn Campbell, Visual & Performing Arts
Judith Campbell, Liberal Studies
Katelyn Campbell, Psychology
Brett Campfield, Communication
Brooke Campos, Criminology & Justice Studies
Kevin Campos, Communication
Elizabeth Campos Miranda, Spanish
Claudia Canales, Kinesiology
Jacqueline Cancino, Sociology, Spanish
Brenda Cantero, Anthropology
Oscar Caralampio, Liberal Studies
Samantha Caratti, Mass Media, Spanish
Ana Maria Carcel Marzo, Undeclared
Maricruz Cardenas, Human Development, Psychology
Jessica Cardozo, Human Development
Megan Carlier, Literature & Writing Studies, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Carie Carlson, Human Development
Mayela Caro, History
Austin Carpenter, Biological Sciences, Chemistry
Evan Carpenter, Biological Sciences, Chemistry
Jenna Carpenter, Visual & Performing Arts
Heidi Carradus, Psychology
Sidney Carrillo, Biological Sciences
Jonathan Carter, History
Russell Carvajal, History
Guillermo Casanada, Kinesiology
Nicole Cassedy, Human Development
Janese Cassel, Liberal Studies
Angela Castro, Literature & Writing Studies, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Jessica Cataline, History
James Cavalier, Communication
Candace Cavin, Kinesiology
Selenne Cazarez, Criminology & Justice Studies, Sociology
Jessica Cea, Mathematics
Jessica Ceballos, Liberal Studies
Rafaela Cervantes, Liberal Studies
Julia Chamale, Criminology & Justice Studies
Laura Champion, Human Development
Cassandra Chase, Visual & Performing Arts
Ashley Chavez, Biochemistry
Noemy Chavez, Spanish
Sylvia Chavez, Sociology
Ashley Chilton, Mass Media
Sara Chincuanco, Communication
Jun Ho Choi, Human Development
Nathaniel Choi, Visual & Performing Arts
Stephanie Chong, Mass Media
Ashley Choumas, Communication
Kelsey Christopherson, Communication
Jonathan Chun, Social Science
David Cisneros, Kinesiology
Amanda Cisneroz, Liberal Studies
Devin Clark, Computer Science
Kerriann Clark, Liberal Studies
Sarah Clark, History
Rachael Cleavenger, Communication
Savannah Clewett, Criminology & Justice Studies
Megan Clowar, Psychology
Arielle Cohen, Human Development
Rachel Cohen, Visual & Performing Arts
Kevin Cole, History
Stephanie Cole, Kinesiology
Camille Collantes, Political Science, Spanish
Christine Collantes, Political Science, Spanish
Aubrey Collins, Liberal Studies
Megan Collister, Liberal Studies
Clark Conforti, Political Science, Spanish
Jacob Conrad, Biochemistry
Jaclyn Conrad-Sanders, Liberal Studies
Gabriel Contreras, Biological Sciences
Jennifer Conway, Visual & Performing Arts
Kimberly Conway, Communication
Arlynn Cook, Liberal Studies
Andrew Cooper, Biological Sciences
Christina Cooper, Kinesiology
Marlena Copado, Communication
Kayli Copeland, Communication
Karla Cordero, Liberal Studies
Katherine Cordes, Human Development, Social Science
Cynthia Cordova, Psychology
Michael Corle, Kinesiology
Sherilyn Corpuz, Human Development
Laura Correa, Human Development
Cecily Cortez, Political Science, Sociology
Bret Cosgrove, Criminology & Justice Studies
Amanda Costa, Undeclared
Tyler Cottrell, Biological Sciences
Taylor Couchois, Political Science
Karen Coughlin, Sociology
Aimee Coulter, Communication
Kenny Courser, Mathematics
Shannon Cox, Human Development
Andrew Craig-Jones, Kinesiology
Cavan Crawford, Computer Science, Physics
Paul Crim, Mass Media
Kevin Crommelin, Biological Sciences
Brianna Cronkhite, Sociology
Kelsey Cross, Liberal Studies
Samantha Cross, Communication
Theo Crouch, Computer Science
Brett Crouse, Kinesiology, Sociology
Alejandro Cruz, Spanish
Jesse Cruz, Mathematics
Michelle Cruz, Biotechnology
Michelle Cruz, Psychology
Vanessa Cruz, Psychology
Anthony Cuomo, Communication
Christy Curtis, Liberal Studies, Spanish
Jena Custode, Mass Media
Trevor Cuyno, Psychology
Anthony Daher, Biotechnology
Tayler Dale, Human Development, Psychology
Anessa Daley, Criminology & Justice Studies, Sociology
Kristin Dalton, Human Development
Tyler Dalton, Criminology & Justice Studies, Sociology
Robert D'Amaro, Kinesiology
Berkeley Dambach, Communication
Leah D'Ambrosia, Mass Media
Carina Dan, Biological Sciences
Steven Dang, Biological Sciences
Shawn Daniels, Literature & Writing Studies
Alyce Davis, Criminology & Justice Studies, Spanish
Emily Davis, Literature & Writing Studies, Spanish
Emma Davis, History
James Davis, Literature & Writing Studies
Roger Davis, Kinesiology
Ashley Davison, Literature & Writing Studies
Ashley Day, Global Studies, History
Chelsea De Boer, Liberal Studies
Daisy De La Cruz, Social Science
Jason De Loach, Biological Sciences
Erika De Maria, Literature & Writing Studies
Kameron Dean, Human Development
Corina deAvila, Psychology
Lindsey Deetz, Liberal Studies
Eva Deiters, Liberal Studies
Dustin Dekoekkoek, Communication
Melissa Del Rosario, Human Development
Erin dela Resma, Biotechnology
Erin Delaney, Liberal Studies
Adam Delossantos, Human Development
Amanda Demiar, Liberal Studies
Andrew Dettelbach, Kinesiology
Carlena Deutsch, Psychology, Visual & Performing Arts
Jeremy Dewey, History
Gloria Diaz, Anthropology, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Kimberlina Diaz, Sociology
Marisa Diaz, Human Development
Nancy diBenedetto, Visual & Performing Arts
Christina DiCianni, Communication
Kelli Dickinson, Political Science
Ashley Dillard, Liberal Studies
Justine Dinh, Computer Science
Amber Dixon, Criminology & Justice Studies, History
Maria Dixson, Liberal Studies
Jazzmine Dizon, Liberal Studies
Jamie Do, Biochemistry
Ilan Dock, Biotechnology
Raphael Dolojan, Kinesiology
Robin Domasing, Spanish
Roxanne Dominguez, Liberal Studies
Salome Dominguez, Spanish
Caleb Donnelly, Economics, Mathematics
Candice Dorn, Social Science
Megan Doughty, Visual & Performing Arts
Nicole Downey, Criminology & Justice Studies, Sociology
Adam Drescher, Literature & Writing Studies
Christine Duckworth, Liberal Studies
Dana Ducommun, Human Development
Mattie Dufresne, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Andrea Dukleth, Visual & Performing Arts
Abigail Dunlea, Mathematics
David Duran, Criminology & Justice Studies, Sociology
Christa Dwyer, Human Development, Sociology
Breanna Easton, Communication
Thomas Ebert, Biological Sciences, Chemistry
Roxanne Echon, Biological Sciences, Chemistry
Michelle Eckmann, Liberal Studies
Jeffery Economides, Political Science
Jessica Edwards, Psychology
Jennifer Ehrhart, Liberal Studies
Emily Ehrich, Literature & Writing Studies
Joseph Eichberger, Communication
Magdalena Elguera, Liberal Studies
Alexa Elliott, Psychology
Kenneth Elliott, Literature & Writing Studies
James Elrod, Political Science
Chelsea Elsasser-Dillon, Biotechnology
Heather Emerick, Human Development
Jacqueline Engel, Biological Sciences
Crystal Epstein, Liberal Studies, Psychology
Ashley Erbeck, Kinesiology, Psychology
Natalya Erbel, Anthropology, Kinesiology
Jenytza Escamilla, Mathematics
Corey Esoldi, Visual & Performing Arts
Jonnie Estes, Human Development
Sarah Euler, Psychology
Rohini Evans, Communication
Karina Evdokimoff, Liberal Studies
Amy Evens, Liberal Studies
Thomas Evers, Political Science
Daniel Evert, Biochemistry
Jean-Michelle Faber, Literature & Writing Studies
Jacob Fagaly, Visual & Performing Arts
Sara Falco, Communication
Nouchi Fang, Pre-Kinesiology, Spanish
Wendi Faria, Sociology
Matthew Fazekas, Mathematics, Physics
Erich Fedorka, Biotechnology
Andrea Fenner, Biological Sciences, Chemistry
Sara Ferreira, Liberal Studies
Angelo Ferrer, Human Development, Social Science
Risa-Jillian Ferrer, Criminology & Justice Studies, Sociology
Rachel Ferris, Human Development
Brenda Ferro, Human Development, Spanish
Janna Fetsch, Human Development
Chelsea Fields, Liberal Studies
Gregory Fields, Literature & Writing Studies
Susana Figueroa, Criminology & Justice Studies, Sociology, Spanish, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Christina Finetti, Literature & Writing Studies
Ashley Finney, Psychology
Melisa Finney, History
Derek Firenze, Literature & Writing Studies
Kristina Fiscus, Liberal Studies, Visual & Performing Arts
Mike Flesuras, Communication
Amber Fletcher, Human Development, Psychology
Michael Flood, Computer Science, Physics
Benita Flores, Human Development
Heather Flores, Kinesiology
Lilibeth Flores, Psychology
Marissa Flores, Criminology & Justice Studies, Sociology
Tyler Fogle, Mass Media
Yanely Fonseca, Human Development
Vanesa Fonseca Garcia, Liberal Studies
Brittany Ford, Liberal Studies
Danny Ford, Human Development
Brittany Forester, Human Development
Jerene Foust, Literature & Writing Studies
Joseph Fragozo, Criminology & Justice Studies
Kelli Frakes, Criminology & Justice Studies
Claire Frame, Liberal Studies
Kimberly Franz, Visual & Performing Arts
Angeleena Frazier, Kinesiology
Vanessa Fredin, Liberal Studies
Nicole French, Liberal Studies
Julia Friedman, History, Psychology
Alicia Fritts, Human Development
Derrick Fritz, Communication
Steven Froebe, Liberal Studies
Natasha Frolander, Human Development
Amanda Furia, Criminology & Justice Studies, Sociology
Charlene Furlow, Chemistry
Nanae Furugori, Human Development
Cara Gabbard, Human Development
Brittany Galante, Visual & Performing Arts
Jon Ian Gallamoza, Kinesiology
Suzannah Gallegos, Mass Media
Alexander Gann, Criminology & Justice Studies
Alejandra Garcia, Psychology, Sociology
Cynthia Garcia, Criminology & Justice Studies, Psychology
Delilah Garcia, Psychology
Frida Garcia, Anthropology
Hazel Garcia, Global Studies, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Kayley Garcia, Political Science, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Ricardo Garcia, Psychology
Ruben Garcia, Undeclared
Sheen Garcia, History
Michelle Garnache, Kinesiology
Karen Gascar, Political Science
Nicole Gatjens, Sociology
Leah Gearhart, Sociology
Kelly Gearheart, Communication
Silvia Gelvin, Human Development
Priscilla George, Communication
Marissa Gephart, Visual & Performing Arts
Lauran Gerhart, Applied Physics
Christopher Giancamilli, Literature & Writing Studies
Sarah Gibbon, Visual & Performing Arts
Alyssa Gibboney, Social Science
Kaitlin Gibson, Communication
Caysie Gilbank, Psychology
Nina Gillette, Mathematics
Monica Gillie, Human Development
Bryan Gilmore, Visual & Performing Arts
Janelle Girkins, Human Development
Cayman Gleason, Criminology & Justice Studies
Jackie Godinez, Kinesiology
Andrea Goetz, Liberal Studies
Cambria Golden, Psychology
Milagro Gomez, Liberal Studies
Nicole Gonzaga, Visual & Performing Arts
Miguel Gonzales, Computer Science
Aileen Gonzalez, Spanish
Heather Gonzalez, Sociology
Melissa Gonzalez, Criminology & Justice Studies
Miriam Gonzalez Cortez, Biological Sciences
Matthew Gordon, Visual & Performing Arts
Stephanie Gossett, Sociology
Chenea Gramann, Literature & Writing Studies
Molly Granata, Human Development, Psychology
Tisha Grande, Communication
Jordana Granoien, Liberal Studies
Taylor Grant, Biological Sciences
Kiara Graves, Liberal Studies
Patience Gray, Literature & Writing Studies
Shelby Gray, Sociology
Crystal Graziano, Visual & Performing Arts
Eric Green, Mass Media
Mary Green, Kinesiology
Amy Greiner, Global Studies, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Lyndsay Greno, Biological Sciences
Kate Gressitt-Diaz, History, Psychology
Tyler Griffin, Kinesiology
Evan Griggs, Biological Sciences
Ashley Grimm, Criminology & Justice Studies
Susan Gross, Literature & Writing Studies
Domonique Guerra, Communication
Ernesto Guerrero, Human Development
Guadalupe Guerrero, Psychology
Ashley Guile, Liberal Studies
Charlie Guizzo, Literature & Writing Studies
Aubrey Gullo, Communication
Kaycee Gunion, Kinesiology
Allison Gunzelman, Liberal Studies, Sociology
Natalie Gurney, Visual & Performing Arts
Derrick Guty, Human Development
Ricardo Guzman, Criminology & Justice Studies, Sociology
Silas Gyimah, Biochemistry
Nicole Haines, Communication
Lauren Hainsworth, Psychology
Todd Hakman, Mathematics
Darcy Halstead, Mass Media
Elizabeth Hambly, Communication
Ramzi Hamdan, Criminology & Justice Studies
Asmaa Hamideh, Human Development
Spencer Hamiga, Literature & Writing Studies
Rebecca Hamilton, Liberal Studies
Janet Han, Communication
Amber Hanks, Communication, Social Science
Jason Harbison, Political Science
Alexander Hardick, Economics
Aaron Harlan, Biological Sciences
Shaina Harris, Liberal Studies
Christa Harrison, Human Development
Samuel Harrison, Kinesiology
Shannon Hart, Undeclared
Chad Hartman, Computer Science
Morgan Hartmann, Literature & Writing Studies
Haley Hartzell, Literature & Writing Studies
Michelle Hassler, Visual & Performing Arts
Randall Hasson, Visual & Performing Arts
Alayne Hauser, Liberal Studies, Visual & Performing Arts
Claire Hauso, Social Science
Tiffany Hauswirth, Literature & Writing Studies
Gregory Hawks, Political Science
Nicole Hawks, Communication
Kathryn Hayes-Reynolds, Literature & Writing Studies
Danielle Heck, Liberal Studies
Morgan Hefley, History, Political Science
Regina Hembrador, Human Development
Owen Hemsath, Mass Media
Lance Henderson, Sociology
Katherine Henkels, Anthropology
Nicole Hennig, Psychology
Frank Henry, History
Aaron Hernandez, Biological Sciences, Chemistry
Alma Hernandez, Liberal Studies
Gabriela Hernandez, Political Science
Ismael Hernandez, Liberal Studies
Jocelyn Hernandez, Biological Sciences
Jorge Hernandez, Liberal Studies
Mayra Hernandez, History
Monique Hernandez, Biological Sciences
Raquel Hernandez, Mass Media
Maria Hernandez Hernandez, Spanish
Sean Heslin, Economics
Dianne Higgins, Communication
Austin Hill, Visual & Performing Arts
Rebecca Hill, Social Science
Summer Hill, Human Development
Tara Hill, Biological Sciences
Thabata Hillebrand, Sociology
Ashley Hiller, Biological Sciences
James Hin, Psychology
Eva Hinton, Human Development
Danielle Hiotis, Criminology & Justice Studies, Sociology
Derek Hoeft, Computer Science, Mathematics
Mitchell Holbert, History
Sarah Holgren, Biological Sciences
Ashley Holguin, Liberal Studies
Savanna Holmen, Kinesiology
Anna Hood, Psychology
Gregory Hornick, Criminology & Justice Studies
Chelsea Houldin, Liberal Studies
Yang Hu, Mathematics, Psychology
Marin Hubka, Global Studies, Political Science
Nicole Hudson, Sociology
Juanita Huerta, Human Development
Lacey Hunter, Liberal Studies
Alexandra Huppert, Human Development, Psychology, Spanish
Andrew Hurley, Political Science
Shane Hurley, Undeclared
Linze Hustead, Communication
Beatry Huston lll, Criminology & Justice Studies, Sociology
Jacqueline Huynh, Sociology
Amanda Ianni, Liberal Studies
Alyson Ihle, Literature & Writing Studies, Spanish
Nicole Israelsen, Liberal Studies
Jermaine Jackson, Visual & Performing Arts
Kimberly Jackson, Liberal Studies
Alexandra Jackson Nevis, Communication
Joyce Jacobo, Literature & Writing Studies
Daniel Jacobs, Sociology
Lisa Jacobson, Communication
Courtney Jakofsky, Political Science, Social Science
Garrett James, Communication
Elaine Jamir, Visual & Performing Arts
Kenneth Jamison, Communication
Jenna Jauregui, Literature & Writing Studies
Katherine Jay, Human Development
Kimberly Jeffrey, Human Development
Kyle Jeffries, Political Science
Anthony Jensen, Kinesiology
Ryan Jensen, Biological Sciences, Spanish
Jun Young Jeon, Economics
Carissa Jimenez, Human Development
Melanie Jimenez, Human Development
Elizabeth Jimenez Bedolla, Liberal Studies
Carly John, Liberal Studies, Psychology
Holly Johnson, Communication
Melissa Johnson, Liberal Studies
Mitchell Johnson, Communication
Ross Johnson, Kinesiology
Sarah Johnson, Human Development
Scott Johnson, Kinesiology
Summer Johnson, Sociology
Sarah Jones, Communication
Jerome Jovenal, Biological Sciences
April Julian, Liberal Studies
Jessica Junker, Psychology
Jennifer Jurosky, Literature & Writing Studies
Kathryn Kahl, Psychology
Eri Kamakami, Mass Media
Azizeh Kanj, Human Development, Psychology
Brandon Kasa, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics
Emily Kaye, Psychology
Jeffrey Kegler, Kinesiology
Emily Keith, Anthropology, Sociology
Jennifer Keller, Liberal Studies
Taylor Kellogg, History
Christina Kennedy, Literature & Writing Studies
Emily Kenner, Human Development
Elena Kermani, Criminology & Justice Studies, Sociology
Jillian Kerstetter, Literature & Writing Studies
Rachel Kidd, Literature & Writing Studies
Matthew Kidder, Communication, Spanish
Hannah Kiesow, Psychology
Vanessa Kimball, Liberal Studies
Lindsey King, Communication
Kristine Kirchmeier, Visual & Performing Arts
Matthew Kirk, Spanish
Joy Kirkman, Criminology & Justice Studies
Gabriel Kitchen, Anthropology
Jessica Kjartanson, Literature & Writing Studies
Alexa Kliebenstein, Psychology
Richard Klumph, Kinesiology
Nicholas Knodle, Communication
Margaret Knudsen, Sociology
Ai Kobayashi, Literature & Writing Studies
Megan Koelln, Liberal Studies
Colin Kohl, Literature & Writing Studies
Kimberly Kong, Literature & Writing Studies
Amanda Koshley, Liberal Studies, Spanish
Breckon Koutsky, Visual & Performing Arts
Alexandra Kowalick, Biological Sciences
Danielle Kramer, Psychology
Tiffany Kresl, Human Development
Matthew Kretchmer, Sociology
Sara Kromer, History
Michelle Krutein, Biological Sciences
Rebecca Kuhl, Liberal Studies
Cassondra Kuplast, Communication
Tori Kuzman, Liberal Studies
Ashley Kwasniuk, Communication
Jennifer Laban, Liberal Studies
Gregory Labarre, Anthropology
Anne Labrador, Kinesiology
Andrea Lacey, Liberal Studies
Lindsay Lagorio, Kinesiology-Health Science
Ashley Lalumiere, Communication
Karina Landeros, Human Development
Yadira Landeros, Kinesiology
Sebastian Langkilde, Anthropology
Sierra Lansing, Visual & Performing Arts
Jessica Le, Human Development
Joel Leandro, Criminology & Justice Studies
Jessica Leatherwood, Psychology
Kirstin Lechtreck, History, Liberal Studies
Elan Lee, Biotechnology
Yesenia Legorreta, Human Development
Rosalinda Lemus, Spanish
Andrew Lenzini, Visual & Performing Arts
Kane Leonard, Criminology & Justice Studies, Psychology
Tracy Leonard, Sociology
Erin Leslie, Criminology & Justice Studies, Psychology, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Renee Leslie, Chemistry, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Morgan LeSuer-Mandernack, Human Development
Matthew Letson, Communication, Spanish
Paolo Leveratto, Political Science
Kelsey Lewis, Political Science
Rayna Lewis, Communication
Angela Leyva, Human Development, Psychology
Sinclair Li, Kinesiology
Mathew Liebovitz, History
Eleuterio Limas, Psychology
Emily Limas, Psychology
Kristy Limburg, Communication
Katherine Lindenmeier, Human Development
Nicole Lindsley, Sociology
Michelle Lippi, History
Amanda Lira, Liberal Studies, Mathematics
Jeremy Little, Biochemistry
Ryan Logan, History, Political Science
Megan Lohre, Communication
Mackenna Lohrman, Liberal Studies
Trevor LongAnastasia, Applied Physics
Jessica Lontayo, Psychology, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Andrea Lopez, Literature & Writing Studies
Eric Lopez, Visual & Performing Arts
Jazmin Lopez, Liberal Studies
Sarah Lopez, Biological Sciences
Laurel Lucas, Economics
Kyle Luciani, Human Development
Nicole Luna, History, Liberal Studies
Megan MacDonald, Political Science, Psychology
Cynthia Macedo, Sociology
Sarah Macedo, History, Liberal Studies
Brittani Mackenzie, Liberal Studies
Samantha Magana, Liberal Studies
Stefanie Mahan, Communication, Literature & Writing Studies
Whitney Mahon, Sociology
Erin Mahoney, Biological Sciences
Nicole Main, Literature & Writing Studies
Raeanna Makihele, Criminology & Justice Studies
Angelica Maldonado, Human Development
Robert Malebranche, Anthropology
Joanna Malfavon-Borja, Biological Sciences
Scott Malobisky, Literature & Writing Studies
Jamie Malone, Literature & Writing Studies
Beth Mangat, Liberal Studies
Maximilian Mann, Mass Media
Patricia Mantz, Sociology
Katherine Manzanera, Biological Sciences
Andrew Marin, Criminology & Justice Studies
Anthony Marin, Biological Sciences, Chemistry
Dominique Marquez, Human Development
Karina Marquina, Political Science, Spanish, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Natasha Marsh, Liberal Studies, Visual & Performing Arts
Kayleigh Marsolini, Kinesiology
Felicha Martedi, Psychology
Clarissa Martin, Anthropology
Cristina Martin, Kinesiology
Jonathan Martin, Anthropology, History
Kristen Martin, Liberal Studies
Mickayla Martin, Liberal Studies
Rani Martin, Liberal Studies
Amber Martinez, Mass Media
Andrianna Martinez, History
Francisco Martinez, Biological Sciences
Jessica Martinez, Liberal Studies
Michelle Martinez, History, Liberal Studies
Amie Mason, Human Development, Psychology, Sociology
Sadie Mata, Liberal Studies
Matthew Matsukawa, Psychology
William Matthews, Global Studies
Lucas Mattox, Economics
Brittany Mcardle, History, Special Major
Kimberly McArthur, Biological Sciences
Kelsey Mccarthy, Anthropology, Kinesiology
Shawn McCloskey, Literature & Writing Studies
Christina McCormick, Communication
Lance Mccormick, Visual & Performing Arts
Alex Mccoy Garlick, Human Development
Michael Mccreary, Psychology
Andrew Mccredie, Psychology
Amy McGowan, Liberal Studies
Christian McGregor, Biotechnology, History
Heather Mcintyre, Biological Sciences, Psychology
Kimberly Mckenzie, History
Thea McKenzie, Human Development, Psychology
Kylie Mckoy, Mass Media
Alicia McLeod, Communication
Kevin McNeal, Kinesiology
Quinn Mcnichols, Biological Sciences, Chemistry
Michael Mecucci, Computer Science
Kaitlin Medina, Human Development, Psychology
Leticia Medina, Human Development
Rilee Medina, Psychology
Rosa Medrano, Sociology
Kendall Mellgren, Human Development
Jose Melo, Liberal Studies
Robert Mendiola, Liberal Studies
Brenda Mendoza, Liberal Studies
Patricia Mendoza, Spanish
Patricia Mendoza, Spanish
Skyler Mendoza, Human Development
Jennifer Meneray, Literature & Writing Studies, Political Science, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Rosa Meneses, Human Development, Psychology
Karina Menezes, Communication, Mass Media
Nayeli Meraz, Pre-Kinesiology
Ian Merrin, Kinesiology
Kyle Merritt, Visual & Performing Arts
Christina Metcalf, Liberal Studies
Marie Metcalf, Liberal Studies, Visual & Performing Arts
Carol Meuse, Liberal Studies
Spencer Meyer, Psychology, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Kay Linda Midgette, Psychology, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Jessica Millan, Liberal Studies
Kevin Millburn, Criminology & Justice Studies
Brett Miller, Political Science
Laurel Miller, Communication
Lynnell Miller, Liberal Studies
Samantha Miller, Psychology
Rachel Mills, History, Liberal Studies
Sara Milne, Anthropology, Biological Sciences
Alannah Miranda, Biochemistry, Physics
Gabriella Mireles, Mass Media
Lauren Miszklevitz, Liberal Studies
Amber Mitchell, Liberal Studies
Mary Mitchell, Liberal Studies
Shabnam Moeini-Ferdosi, Special Major
Amanda Mohaimanyaponte, Biological Sciences
Kevin Monson, History, Political Science
Tatianna Montoya, Visual & Performing Arts
Hallie Moore, Human Development
Natalie Moore, Human Development
Raquel Moore, Literature & Writing Studies
Jennifer Moosa, Human Development
Alexandra Mora, Kinesiology
Michelle Mora, Visual & Performing Arts
Susan Morales, Anthropology
Ricardo Moran, Communication
Amber Morasse, Communication, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Kristina Moreno, Political Science
Angela Moretti, Liberal Studies, Sociology
Jasmine Morrow, Human Development, Sociology
Amy Morse, Liberal Studies
Kurstin Morse, Criminology & Justice Studies, Sociology
Sierra Moses, Psychology
Raechel Mote, Human Development, Spanish
Alexander Mowery, History
Brianna Muehl, Mass Media
Caitlin Mueller, Visual & Performing Arts
Nathan Mueller, Literature & Writing Studies
Claire Mulder, Kinesiology
Jessica Mulqueen, Literature & Writing Studies, Psychology
Jessica Munoz, Kinesiology
Caitlin Murray, Liberal Studies
Diana Mussad, Human Development
Jalla Mustafa, Biological Sciences, Chemistry
Amanda Myregard, Liberal Studies
Lillian Nahar, Communication
Shelby Nailon, Communication
Jessica Nava, Kinesiology
Steffi Navarro, Criminology & Justice Studies, Sociology
Allison Nelson, Liberal Studies
Brooke Nelson, Literature & Writing Studies
Melissa Nestor, Liberal Studies
Janae Nevarez, Political Science
Todd Newkirk, Communication
Trang Ngo, Criminology & Justice Studies
Daniel Nguyen, Mass Media
Denise Nguyen, Liberal Studies
Suzanne Nguyen, Communication
Shyanne Nguyen-Dunbar, Human Development, Psychology
Elizabeth Nicolas, Biochemistry
Jessica Niebuhr, Communication
Matthew Nieman, Spanish
Sara Nisbeth, Human Development
Julia Noble, Liberal Studies, Sociology
Tyrell Northcutt, History
Joseph Notar Carlstrom, Mathematics
Brian Nourani, Criminology & Justice Studies
Christina Nunez, Literature & Writing Studies
Enriqueta Nunez, Visual & Performing Arts
Eric Nunez, Kinesiology
Katherine O'Callaghan, Liberal Studies
Alisha Ochoa, Visual & Performing Arts, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Briley Ochs, Communication, Mass Media
Alexandra Ogden, Communication, Literature & Writing Studies
Ildeberto Ojeda, Sociology
Jeremiah O'Leary, Anthropology
Christopher Olivares, History
Donovan Olson, Visual & Performing Arts
Laticia Omondi-Ochola, Anthropology
Kevin O'Neil, Visual & Performing Arts
William Orantes, Communication
Christina Orlando, Liberal Studies
Diana Orozco, Liberal Studies, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Morgan Orr, Literature & Writing Studies
Anileni Ortega, Communication
David Ortega, Political Science
Crystal Ortiz, Sociology
Jesse Ortiz, Kinesiology
Rosa Ortiz, Liberal Studies
Kara Osborne, Liberal Studies
Martha Osorio Prado, Computer Science
Janice Ott, Biochemistry
Sandra Oviedo Ramirez, Psychology
Tina Oye, Kinesiology
Karen Padilla, Liberal Studies
Kasey Palmer, Kinesiology
Jillian Palmieri, Criminology & Justice Studies, Spanish
Monica Paniagua, Communication
Coriann Papazian, Psychology
Ryan Papp, Criminology & Justice Studies
Tyler Parent, Political Science
Alyssa Parisette, Psychology
Katelyn Park, Human Development
Michelle Parks, Human Development
Christine Parnell, Human Development
Heidi Parrott, Psychology
Vanesia Patchin, Sociology
Joseph Patt, Economics
John Patterson, Literature & Writing Studies
Lauren Pavlock, Biological Sciences, Chemistry
Katherine Payne, History, Liberal Studies
Sarah Pearson, Criminology & Justice Studies, Political Science
Amanda Pedersen, Psychology
Kristel Penetrante, Communication
Mackenzie Penney, Communication
Brittany Penprase, Criminology & Justice Studies
Jane Pereda, Visual & Performing Arts
Janet Perez, Social Science
Jasmine Perez, Human Development, Sociology
Maribel Perez, Criminology & Justice Studies, Spanish
Mirene Perez, Biotechnology, Chemistry
Paul Perez, Communication
Steve Perez, History
Veronica Perez, Psychology, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Jennifer Perlini, Liberal Studies
Carly Perrin, History, Liberal Studies
Austin Perry, Sociology
Tiffany Peters, Visual & Performing Arts
Patricia Petersen, Criminology & Justice Studies
Mark Peterson, Kinesiology
Michael Petitte, Literature & Writing Studies
Andrew Phair, Communication
Nguyen Pham, Biochemistry
Christina Phares, Literature & Writing Studies
Nicole Phares, Liberal Studies, Psychology
Alyssa Phillips, Human Development
Kyle Phillips, Communication, Psychology
Lindsay Pian, Liberal Studies
Brittany Pickell, Liberal Studies, Sociology
Ryan Pickett, Mass Media
Lona Pickle, Psychology
John Lester Pili, Political Science
Jediah Pimentel, Economics
Yanely Pinedo, Human Development, Psychology
Andrew Pinkard, Chemistry
Monica Pizzia, Liberal Studies
Christine Plotts, Kinesiology
Katherine Pogue, History, Literature & Writing Studies
Amanda Poletti, Communication, Communication
Alexis Pollard, Literature & Writing Studies
Alexandra Porobic, Biochemistry, Physics
Chelsea Porter, Human Development
Kirstin Porter, Liberal Studies
Ariel Portillo, Human Development, Psychology
Jacquetta Poulsen, Human Development
Stephanie Powell, Human Development
Ethan Prange, Sociology
Aine Prendergast, Social Science
Ashlyn Price, Biochemistry
Allison Provenzano, History
Jonathan Prpich, Computer Science
Melissa Prutch, Biochemistry
Lauren Pucci, Liberal Studies
Amanda Puckett, History, Literature & Writing Studies
He Qi, Kinesiology
Jennifer Quijada, Criminology & Justice Studies, Sociology
Natalia Quraishi, Psychology
Lauren Radel, Visual & Performing Arts
Julia Radwanski, Biological Sciences
Emily Rains, Human Development
Michelle Rais, Liberal Studies, Sociology
Amanda Rakos, Political Science
Michele Ramirez, Human Development, Psychology
Veronica Ramirez, Liberal Studies
Alejandra Ramos, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Brenda Ramos, Global Studies, Spanish
Vilma Ramos, Liberal Studies, Spanish
Lacey Rana, Liberal Studies
Chelsea Randall, Criminology & Justice Studies
Ryan Randall, Biological Sciences
Natalie Rangel, Political Science
Dominica Ranieri, Biochemistry
Bin Rao, Applied Physics
Taylor Rapp, Psychology
Aimee Rassavong, Liberal Studies
Sergio Raya, History
Travis Raymond, Biochemistry
Yesenia Rayo, Human Development, Psychology
Randi Reason, Sociology
Lakyn Reber, Liberal Studies
Julia Recht, Human Development
Andrew Reed, Communication, Visual & Performing Arts
Courtney Reed, Literature & Writing Studies
Joey Reed, Communication
Kirsti Reid, Criminology & Justice Studies, Sociology
Lauren Reinero, Spanish
Ron Reiter, Chemistry
Mallory Resendiz, Sociology
Courtney Rethwisch, Chemistry, Spanish
Melissa Rexilius, Anthropology
Gabriela Reyes, Criminology & Justice Studies
Nalleli Reyes Garcia, Psychology
Victoria Reynolds, Criminology & Justice Studies, Sociology
Lauren Reynoso, Visual & Performing Arts
John Rhine, Liberal Studies
Michael Rhodes, Liberal Studies
Venus Riazati, Psychology
Megan Rice, Psychology, Visual & Performing Arts
Chelsie Richardson, Literature & Writing Studies
Kayla Richardson, Liberal Studies
Dawn Rickard, Criminology & Justice Studies, Sociology
Jaclyn Ries, Global Studies, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Jamie Ries, Communication, Literature & Writing Studies
Erin Riley, History
Travis Riley, Criminology & Justice Studies
Arianna Rivera, Criminology & Justice Studies, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Mayra Rivera, Criminology & Justice Studies, Sociology
Vincent Rizzo, Biological Sciences
Ronaele Robbins, Political Science
Emmanuel Roberts, Psychology
John Roberts, Literature & Writing Studies
Staci Robertson, Sociology, Spanish
Everardo Robles, Biological Sciences
Kristi Rock, Literature & Writing Studies
Jason Rodrigues, Kinesiology
Amanda Rodriguez, Psychology
Barbara Rodriguez, Human Development, Spanish
Carmen Rodriguez, Political Science
Catherine Rodriguez, Human Development, Sociology
Merle Rodriguez, Human Development, Spanish
Melina Rodriguez Lopez, Political Science, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Patricia Rodriguez-Nunez, Liberal Studies
Nichol Roe, History
Kari Rogers, Sociology
Anthony Rogosic, Pre-Kinesiology
Brisa Rojas, Criminology & Justice Studies, Sociology
Bryan Romanelli, History
Angela Romero, Human Development
Veronika Romero, Communication
Alissa Romo, Liberal Studies
Ruth Rosales, Mass Media
Amber Rosario, Communication
Monserrat Rosas, Psychology
Brittany Rose, History, Literature & Writing Studies, Special Major
Gavin Rose, Anthropology
Nancy Rossignol, Literature & Writing Studies
Veronica Rotta, Visual & Performing Arts
Dennis Rucker, Sociology
Kathleen Rudiger, Human Development
Ashley Ruelas, Communication
Christopher Rutherford, Biochemistry
Weston Ryan, Kinesiology, Psychology
Sofia Saavedra Baltazar, Kinesiology
Sarah Saccone, Sociology
Mary Sado, Human Development
Hitomi Saeki, Undeclared
Lorena Salas, Liberal Studies
Alexandria Salazar, Liberal Studies, Sociology
Oscar Salinas, Criminology & Justice Studies, Political Science
Samantha Sallis, Human Development
Geno Salomone, Psychology
Michelle Salomone, Biological Sciences
Jenina Salvador, Sociology
Magda Salvador, Criminology & Justice Studies
Christine San Vicente, History
Angel Sanchez, Criminology & Justice Studies, Sociology
Diana Sanchez, Communication
Jorge Sanchez, Biological Sciences
Julianna Sanchez, Kinesiology
Leonardo Sanchez Urena, Sociology
Janel Sanders, Liberal Studies
Perla Sandoval, Psychology
Michael Santana, Sociology
Ariana Santiago, Human Development
Martha Saray, Kinesiology
Analissa Sarno, Biological Sciences
Andrew Satterlee, Liberal Studies
Marissa Saxton, Liberal Studies
Erik Sayers, Literature & Writing Studies
Moriah Scannell, Kinesiology
John Schack, Criminology & Justice Studies
Rose Schafer, Psychology
Andrew Scheinok, Biological Sciences, Chemistry
Maaike Scherff, Visual & Performing Arts
Nicholas Scheunemann, Literature & Writing Studies
Heather Schiltz, Human Development
Steven Schleicher, Economics
Krystina Schmidt, Kinesiology
Ryan Schmitt, Kinesiology
Helen Schnitzenbaumer, Criminology & Justice Studies, Sociology
Kaylyn Schonlaw, Liberal Studies, Sociology
Nicole Schreiber, Biochemistry, Liberal Studies
Grant Schubert, Mass Media
Rachael Schultheis, Literature & Writing Studies
Arianne Schulz, Anthropology, Biological Sciences
Taylor Schuman, History
Lauren Sclifo, Liberal Studies
Samantha Scott, Liberal Studies
Heidi Sczyrbowski, Criminology & Justice Studies
Holly Searcy, History
Jaime Secrist, History, Literature & Writing Studies, Political Science
Juliana Segura, Human Development
Yael Sela, Psychology
Rebekah Semel, Sociology
Norma Sevilla, Spanish, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Kendra Shaffer, Psychology
Polett Shamieh, History
Julia Shapiro, Kinesiology
Quincy Sharp, Mathematics
Meghan Shaw, Communication
Nicole Shaw, Communication
Miao Shi, Computer Science
Brett Shiffler, Communication
Andrew Shookhoff, History, Sociology
Mariana Shotliff, Psychology
Lauren Shrigley, Kinesiology
Rachelle Shull, Liberal Studies
Larissa Shumaker, Liberal Studies
Tyler Shumway, Kinesiology
Cristine Sidela, Psychology
Kimberly Silva, Liberal Studies
Marcela Silva, Spanish
Gary Simmons, Applied Physics
Christina Sinatra, Kinesiology
Marisela Sinclair, Biological Sciences
Mia Donna Sipin, Pre-Kinesiology
Aaron Sison, Visual & Performing Arts
Kenneth Sittman, Political Science
Jonathon Sizemore, History
Marina Skendzic, Literature & Writing Studies
Christine Slattery, Sociology
Autumn Slutsky-Salvin, Liberal Studies
Jessica Smith, Literature & Writing Studies
Jessie Smith, Visual & Performing Arts
Lacey Smith, Kinesiology
Zachary Smith, Liberal Studies
Anthony Snellings, History
Chelsea Snover, History
Jerica Snyder, Psychology
Brian Sodeman, Biological Sciences
Leslie Solis, Human Development
Monika Somers, Mass Media
Nina Sonevongxay, Human Development
Armand Soriano, Biotechnology
Dalziel Soto, Kinesiology
Miguel Soto, Computer Science
Connor Spain, Anthropology
Britney Spasovski, Human Development
Alyvia Spellmeyer, Human Development
Kevin Stahl, History
Nathan Stanton, Computer Science, Physics
Ciera Stauffer, Liberal Studies, Spanish
Taylor Stead, Human Development
Anais Stefani, Sociology, Spanish
Jessica Steffan, Psychology, Spanish
Valerie Stevens, Human Development
Amy Stewart, Human Development
Brianna Stewart, Kinesiology
Michelle Stewart, Liberal Studies
Jessica Stirk, Literature & Writing Studies
Heidi Stock, Liberal Studies
Marissa Stokes, Liberal Studies
Timothy Stong, Political Science
Natasha Strain, Sociology
Rebecca Strauss, Pre-Kinesiology
Kristen Strawn, Human Development
Marlene Strege, Psychology
Jacob Strona, Literature & Writing Studies
Breanna Strong, Anthropology, Sociology
Skyla Stuck, Liberal Studies
Emily Sturdevant, Criminology & Justice Studies, Sociology
Leilani Sugue, Liberal Studies
Kellee Sullivan, Liberal Studies
Angela Suraweera, Communication
Michael Sutliff, Visual & Performing Arts
Sydney Sutton, Liberal Studies
Michelle Svoboda, Liberal Studies, Sociology
Cai-Lee Swallow, Literature & Writing Studies
Elizabeth Swanson, Kinesiology
Heidi Swanson, Psychology
Ashley Swarts, Global Studies
Tara Swenson, Literature & Writing Studies, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Tracy Syers, Psychology
Kyle Sylakowski, Biological Sciences, Chemistry
Matthew Szilagi, Biological Sciences, Chemistry
Jon Marion Tablang, Human Development, Sociology
Jinrija Tae, Mass Media
Aline Takei, Biochemistry
Andrea Talhami Lozano, Kinesiology, Spanish
Wilson Tan, Communication
Jordann Tanner, Liberal Studies
Laura Tardio, Literature & Writing Studies
Alisa Taylor, Human Development
Karen Taylor, History
Ruby Teal, Political Science, Sociology
Meagan Tehseldar, Literature & Writing Studies
Fethawi Tekleab, Kinesiology
Katie Terrien, Communication
Travis Tesarek, Economics
Janice Tham, Psychology
Sandra Thiveos, Communication
Michael Thomas, Mass Media
Nikkolette Thomas, Communication, Visual & Performing Arts
Allison Thompson, Human Development
Amanda Thompson, History, Literature & Writing Studies
Cynthia Thompson-Bains, Kinesiology-Health Science
Jacob Thum, Chemistry, Kinesiology, Spanish
Eric Tiegs, History
Mireya Tinoco, Political Science
Felicia Titus, Anthropology
Natalie Tooze, Human Development
Angel Torres, Communication
Gloria Torres, Psychology
Mariana Torres-Lanzas, Communication
Samantha Townsend, Liberal Studies
Tana Townsend, Liberal Studies
Diana Tracey, Liberal Studies
Rebecca Tracey, Economics, Political Science
Robert Tran, Political Science
Eric Trockman, Mass Media
Katherine Troll, Kinesiology-Health Science
Amber Trotter, Human Development
Angelina Trujillo, Anthropology
Angela Trunnell, Liberal Studies
Huy Tu, Biological Sciences
Janine Tuccinardi, Liberal Studies
Callie Tuck, Literature & Writing Studies
Hope Tucker, Human Development, Psychology
Christine Turner, Human Development, Psychology
Stacy Uber, Kinesiology
Cody Uhrhammer, Computer Information Science
Danielle Underwood, Communication
Katelyn Underwood, Liberal Studies
Matthew Unwin, Visual & Performing Arts
Ashley Uranga, Communication
Mathew Uyeji, Kinesiology
Elizabeth Valdez, Spanish
Carolina Valdivia, Criminology & Justice Studies, Sociology, Spanish
Britten Valdivieso, Kinesiology
Joy Valenzuela, Liberal Studies, Spanish
Mercedez Valles, Liberal Studies, Spanish
Brittany Vallin, Communication
Eric van Baarsel, Biological Sciences
Christy Van Waas, Human Development, Psychology
Kariann vanOudheusden, Liberal Studies
Brittany Varga, Global Studies, Political Science
Germain Vargas, Literature & Writing Studies
Renee Varvi, Communication, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Kristina Vasquez, History, Liberal Studies
Ricardo Vasquez-Cordada, Communication
Gerri Vaughan, Liberal Studies
John Vaughan, Political Science
Arthur Velasco, Criminology & Justice Studies, Sociology
Juliana Velati, Psychology
Ana Velazquez, Liberal Studies
Andrea Velez, Pre-Kinesiology
Antoine Venne, Biotechnology
Juan Vera, Criminology & Justice Studies, Political Science
Kenny Vexler, Biological Sciences
Sara Vicioso, Criminology & Justice Studies, Sociology
Belinda Vickers, Communication
Miriam Vidaurri, Liberal Studies
Crystal Villalobos, Liberal Studies
Jodie Villanueva, Liberal Studies
Liliana Villanueva, Communication
Ana Villarreal, Liberal Studies
Catherine Vinas, Human Development
Lisa Vineyard, Sociology
ThuAn Vo, Sociology
Ashley Volbeda, Special Major, Visual & Performing Arts
Cassandra Volpe, Psychology
Andrew Vordahl, Global Studies, Political Science
Kristen Voss, Liberal Studies
Leann Voss, History
Mackenzie Votaw, Biological Sciences
Tamara Wade, Liberal Studies
Lisa Walker, Liberal Studies
Monica Walker, Human Development
Sarapia Walker, Anthropology, Communication, Spanish
Casey Wallace, Kinesiology-Health Science
James Wallace, Communication, Psychology
Lauren Wallace, Kinesiology
Rachel Waller, Psychology
Colton Walsh, Psychology
Matthew Walsh, Communication, History, Social Science
Laura Walters, Biological Sciences
Rony Walton, Psychology, Visual & Performing Arts
Daniel Wambua, Biological Sciences
Daniel Ward, History
Jeff Warlick, Visual & Performing Arts
Cody Warwick, Liberal Studies
Stefanie Waszut, Human Development
Annette Watson, Human Development
Juliana Watson, Mass Media
Theodore Watterson, Biotechnology
Emily Weagraff, Kinesiology
Taylor Weaver, Psychology
Hannah Webster, Literature & Writing Studies
Alex Weinberg, Visual & Performing Arts
Catherine Weldon, Liberal Studies
Garrett West, Criminology & Justice Studies, Sociology
Geoffrey West, History
Megan White, Liberal Studies
Curtis Whitley, History
Jay Wick, Human Development
Matthew Wiegele, Social Science
Alexandre Williams, Kinesiology
Joel Williams, Mass Media
Joseph Williams, Psychology
Kristina Williams, Biological Sciences
Lauren Williams, Liberal Studies
Susan Williams, Criminology & Justice Studies
Angela Willingmyre, Communication
Dominique Wilson, Liberal Studies, Sociology
Natalie Wilson, Literature & Writing Studies
Heather Winders, Psychology
Amanda Winninghoff, Kinesiology
Michelle Withey, Kinesiology
Catherine Woehlck, Psychology, Social Science
Jessica Wombolt, Psychology
Jonathan Wong, Psychology
Amalia Wood, Visual & Performing Arts
Jessica Wood, Human Development
Sean Wood, Political Science
Lea Woodall, Kinesiology
Ariel Woods, Liberal Studies
Raeanna Wren, Liberal Studies
Juliane Wright, Kinesiology
Lauren Wright, Psychology
Stacy Wright, Liberal Studies
Kristen Yaldo, Human Development, Liberal Studies
Crystal Yamasaki, Psychology
Challeng Yang, Biotechnology
Michelle Yates, Communication
Lisa Yeh, Mathematics
Marie Yoshikawa, Undeclared
Krista Yost, Criminology & Justice Studies, Political Science
Brittany Young, Psychology
Jacqueline Young, Kinesiology
Lindsay Young, Liberal Studies, Literature & Writing Studies
Brandon Youngdale, Literature & Writing Studies
Denise Yoval, Liberal Studies, Visual & Performing Arts
Layla Zad, Political Science
Jessica Zarate, Sociology
Chang Zhao, Biological Sciences
Joel Zinda, Biological Sciences
Jillian Ziobro, Liberal Studies
Michael Zora, History
Julio Zuniga, History, Spanish
CHABSS Dean's Lists by Semester
COAS* Dean's Lists

*Dean's Lists honors prior to Fall 2011 were awarded by the College of Arts & Sciences