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Spring 2014 Dean's List

The Office of the Dean of the College of Humanities, Arts, Behavioral and Social Sciences congratulates the following students for their academic accomplishment during the spring 2014 semester.

Alyssa Bush, Anthropology

Alex Esquivel, Anthropology

Tobias Feuer, Anthropology

Scott Fippinger, Anthropology

Emmeline Hernandez, Anthropology

Semele Huq, Anthropology

Rebecah Lange, Anthropology

Sebastian Langkilde, Anthropology

Filiberto Lopez, Anthropology

Gabriella Lucidi, Anthropology

Jordan McWhorter, Anthropology

Shannon O'Neill, Anthropology

Leslie Pena, Anthropology

Alejandra Pena Velazquez, Anthropology

Chava Sevigne, Anthropology

Alyssa Soto, Anthropology

Pedro Valencia, Anthropology

Yazmin Yahya, Anthropology

Nathan Anderson, Visual & Performing Arts

Marina Aragon, Visual & Performing Arts

Andres Arciniega, Visual & Performing Arts

Xilosma Arenas, Visual & Performing Arts

Danny Bakdache, Visual & Performing Arts

Laila Basquez, Visual & Performing Arts

Ethan Beck, Visual & Performing Arts

Melissa Bitanga, Visual & Performing Arts

Joaquin Burgos, Visual & Performing Arts

Caleb Carter, Visual & Performing Arts

Tenessa Cavitt, Visual & Performing Arts

Alex Contreras, Visual & Performing Arts

Daniel Cubbedge, Visual & Performing Arts

Jordan Demulder, Visual & Performing Arts

Scott DiLuca, Visual & Performing Arts

Lauren El-Assal, Visual & Performing Arts

Richard Fang, Visual & Performing Arts

Derek Forrester, Visual & Performing Arts

Marcel Fuentes, Visual & Performing Arts

Heidi Garcia, Visual & Performing Arts

Angelica Garcia, Visual & Performing Arts

Karley Garza, Visual & Performing Arts

Stefanos Georges, Visual & Performing Arts

Emiliano Gomez, Visual & Performing Arts

Anne Hall, Visual & Performing Arts

Grant Hartman, Visual & Performing Arts

Abraham Hernandez, Visual & Performing Arts

Angelica Jacobo, Visual & Performing Arts

Rhiannon Jeglin, Visual & Performing Arts

John Konno, Visual & Performing Arts

Loc-Ha Le, Visual & Performing Arts

Ian Lee, Visual & Performing Arts

Vanessa Judy Lomibao, Visual & Performing Arts

Mikaela Long, Visual & Performing Arts

Lauren March, Visual & Performing Arts

Colby May, Visual & Performing Arts

Bryan Menancio, Visual & Performing Arts

Edgar Mendez, Visual & Performing Arts

Julie Meram, Visual & Performing Arts

Scott Middough, Visual & Performing Arts

Julia Morris, Visual & Performing Arts

Mitchell Narte, Visual & Performing Arts

Ryan Nguyen, Visual & Performing Arts

Natalie O'Hara, Visual & Performing Arts

Takeya Ohno, Visual & Performing Arts

Faith Orcino, Visual & Performing Arts

Catalina Ortiz, Visual & Performing Arts

Victoria Partington, Visual & Performing Arts

Emily Pontanares, Visual & Performing Arts

Erick Rosales, Visual & Performing Arts

Nicolas Sandoval, Visual & Performing Arts

Mustafa Sekander, Visual & Performing Arts

Mio Shimazaki, Visual & Performing Arts

Jordan Smalley, Visual & Performing Arts

Drew Stanford, Visual & Performing Arts

Micheyl Steinway, Visual & Performing Arts

Kelsea Stickelmaier, Visual & Performing Arts

Chanelle Vargas, Visual & Performing Arts

Zachary Vargas, Visual & Performing Arts

Liying Xiong, Visual & Performing Arts

Eric Yoon, Visual & Performing Arts

Kira Adamo, Communication

Haley Arsenault, Communication

Rema Assria, Communication

Ashley Blakemore, Communication

Danielle Boulware, Communication

Francesca Bradley, Communication

Andrea Bullard, Communication

Julia Callahan, Communication

Emily Cannon, Communication

Zuri Chaney, Communication

Mitchell Clarke, Communication

Kathryn Cleveland, Communication

Lindsay Curry, Communication

Alexa Davis, Communication

Margaret Ducoulombier, Communication

Erik Ernst, Communication

Jessica Farber, Communication

Jilian Ferguson, Communication

Anthony Ferrugia, Communication

Tori Fishinger, Communication

Kelli Flodman-Brander, Communication

Madison Gagliano-Olson, Communication

Kaitlin Gibson, Communication

Kyle Gloger, Communication

Brittney Guy, Communication

Shayan Hamesalh, Communication

Elexus Harris, Communication

Hayley Helms, Communication

Benjamin Hogan, Communication

Nicole Ignell, Communication

Erica Jaranilla, Communication

Laura Kenyon, Communication

Sarie Kim, Communication

Talia Kirsch, Communication

Nicholas Lacy, Communication

Christine Lee, Communication

Ying Li, Communication

Melissa Lieberman, Communication

Kristy Limburg, Communication

Brittany Maddock, Communication

Tess Magin, Communication

Erin Malinski, Communication

Natalie Manos, Communication

Stephanie Martin, Communication

David Martinez-Salas, Communication

Christine May, Communication

Caitlin Mccrone, Communication

Robina Mekenye, Communication

Jocelin Monge, Communication

Shannon Murdock, Communication

Shelby Nailon, Communication

Katherine Orphey, Communication

Jocelyn Pereira, Communication

Amber Plourde, Communication

Shanda Poulson, Communication

Adam Rabbani, Communication

Mary Reinig, Communication

India Rigby, Communication

Kelly Rogers, Communication

Amber Rosario, Communication

Julie Sanchez, Communication

Cory Sass, Communication

Kyle Saunders, Communication

John Scheuerman, Communication

Kassandra Shoup, Communication

Chloe Slasor, Communication

Ashley Smith, Communication

Christina Solis, Communication

Delphine Stegman, Communication

Layla Taherkhan Siadohoni, Communication

Nikkolette Thomas, Communication

Justin Thomas, Communication

Romina Torres, Communication

Maria Valencia Torres, Communication

Amber Vasilik, Communication

Ricardo Vasquez-Cordada, Communication

Lynana Vizcarra, Communication

Shea Walker, Communication

Yi Wan, Communication

Joseph Wells, Communication

Kevin Weseloh, Communication

Kristina Wright, Communication

Kimberlee Zolghadri, Communication

Vanessa Acevedo, Criminology & Justice Studies

Richard Aguilera, Criminology & Justice Studies

Maria Alba Brito, Criminology & Justice Studies

Cecilia Ambrosio, Criminology & Justice Studies

Jazmin Arce, Criminology & Justice Studies

Jennifer Avila-Ayon, Criminology & Justice Studies

Marino Bailon, Criminology & Justice Studies

Dustin Barnes, Criminology & Justice Studies

Samantha Beason, Criminology & Justice Studies

Haylee Bell, Criminology & Justice Studies

Fabiola Beltran, Criminology & Justice Studies

Ana Benitez, Criminology & Justice Studies

Calvin Berger, Criminology & Justice Studies

Daniel Bloom, Criminology & Justice Studies

Brendan Bohen, Criminology & Justice Studies

Matthew Boudreaux, Criminology & Justice Studies

Arnold Burgos, Criminology & Justice Studies

Baylee Cain, Criminology & Justice Studies

Liliana Calderon, Criminology & Justice Studies

Julio Cantera, Criminology & Justice Studies

Jennifer Carroll, Criminology & Justice Studies

Miguel Castillo-Lopez, Criminology & Justice Studies

Hannah Chaaban, Criminology & Justice Studies

Leticia Colores Santos, Criminology & Justice Studies

Alejandro Contreras, Criminology & Justice Studies

Alissa Daw, Criminology & Justice Studies

Stephanie De Haro, Criminology & Justice Studies

Brandon DeSorbo, Criminology & Justice Studies

Brinae Delgado, Criminology & Justice Studies

Tranette Donnell, Criminology & Justice Studies

Sarah Ellis, Criminology & Justice Studies

Andrea Emery, Criminology & Justice Studies

Crystal Farias, Criminology & Justice Studies

Jacqueline Farnsworth, Criminology & Justice Studies

Aimee Fischer, Criminology & Justice Studies

Allison Flores, Criminology & Justice Studies

Nolan Flores, Criminology & Justice Studies

Matthew Gabocy, Criminology & Justice Studies

Theodore Gallagher, Criminology & Justice Studies

Marco Garcia, Criminology & Justice Studies

Giovanni Garcia, Criminology & Justice Studies

Tess Garnica, Criminology & Justice Studies

Garrett Giacopelli, Criminology & Justice Studies

Veronica Gomez, Criminology & Justice Studies

Ashley Gonzalez, Criminology & Justice Studies

Morgan Gross, Criminology & Justice Studies

Derek Harlan, Criminology & Justice Studies

Taylor Hart, Criminology & Justice Studies

Elaina Hartley, Criminology & Justice Studies

Carolina Hernandez, Criminology & Justice Studies

Brandi Hietala, Criminology & Justice Studies

Allison Hooley, Criminology & Justice Studies

Jennifer Hopek, Criminology & Justice Studies

Michelle Howe-Kelton, Criminology & Justice Studies

Elizabeth Jaimez, Criminology & Justice Studies

Rachael Jennings, Criminology & Justice Studies

Maricruz Jimenez, Criminology & Justice Studies

Matthew Jonte, Criminology & Justice Studies

Michael Jordan, Criminology & Justice Studies

Cristy Juarez, Criminology & Justice Studies

Ryan Kemp, Criminology & Justice Studies

Zachary Knox, Criminology & Justice Studies

Joseph Kolker, Criminology & Justice Studies

Nicholas Krahel, Criminology & Justice Studies

Jeana Kurashima, Criminology & Justice Studies

Nathan Labaye, Criminology & Justice Studies

Kyle Lavin, Criminology & Justice Studies

Anna Light, Criminology & Justice Studies

Gregory Lingohr, Criminology & Justice Studies

Maria Loera Loera, Criminology & Justice Studies

Yuridiana Lopez, Criminology & Justice Studies

Angel Lucas Esquivel, Criminology & Justice Studies

Jeffrey Luerman, Criminology & Justice Studies

Candace Lule, Criminology & Justice Studies

Peter Magadan, Criminology & Justice Studies

Alejandra Magana, Criminology & Justice Studies

Pedro Maldonado, Criminology & Justice Studies

Madyson Mann, Criminology & Justice Studies

Chris Mann, Criminology & Justice Studies

Ratsamy May, Criminology & Justice Studies

Nathan McKemy, Criminology & Justice Studies

Erika Mendez, Criminology & Justice Studies

Jasmin Mino, Criminology & Justice Studies

Erik Molina, Criminology & Justice Studies

Miguel Mondragon, Criminology & Justice Studies

Richard Montanez, Criminology & Justice Studies

Charise Moore, Criminology & Justice Studies

Myra Morales, Criminology & Justice Studies

Christopher Morales, Criminology & Justice Studies

Daniel Morris, Criminology & Justice Studies

Maricela Mungaray, Criminology & Justice Studies

Cindy Nguyen, Criminology & Justice Studies

Roland Nguyen, Criminology & Justice Studies

Joshua Nidzieko, Criminology & Justice Studies

Rocio Nieto, Criminology & Justice Studies

Erin O'Rourke, Criminology & Justice Studies

Bertha Ochoa, Criminology & Justice Studies

Ana Ochoa, Criminology & Justice Studies

Melissa Olmos, Criminology & Justice Studies

Jose Olvera, Criminology & Justice Studies

Alexandro Ornelas, Criminology & Justice Studies

Eloisa Ortiz Lopez, Criminology & Justice Studies

Sarah Osborne, Criminology & Justice Studies

Anthony Paris, Criminology & Justice Studies

Kayla Parker, Criminology & Justice Studies

Melissa Pedrero, Criminology & Justice Studies

Kaitlyn Pelatt, Criminology & Justice Studies

Aide Perez, Criminology & Justice Studies

Taylor Persitza, Criminology & Justice Studies

Jose Plascencia, Criminology & Justice Studies

Sophia Rangle, Criminology & Justice Studies

Ronald Rawls, Criminology & Justice Studies

Enrique Rivera, Criminology & Justice Studies

Omar Rivera, Criminology & Justice Studies

Mary Hope Rodak, Criminology & Justice Studies

Michael Roden, Criminology & Justice Studies

Kimberly Rojas, Criminology & Justice Studies

Justine Ronas, Criminology & Justice Studies

Marisa Ruffin, Criminology & Justice Studies

Taylor Saleen, Criminology & Justice Studies

Marlen Salomon Valencia, Criminology & Justice Studies

Ivan Sanchez, Criminology & Justice Studies

Christian Sanchez, Criminology & Justice Studies

Angel Sandi, Criminology & Justice Studies

Cynthia Sandoval, Criminology & Justice Studies

Nancy Santillan, Criminology & Justice Studies

Christian Schwerer, Criminology & Justice Studies

Zelanna Sessions, Criminology & Justice Studies

Kevin Shank, Criminology & Justice Studies

Veronica Silveyra, Criminology & Justice Studies

Priscella Slali-Danko, Criminology & Justice Studies

Jamila Small, Criminology & Justice Studies

Roger Stattel, Criminology & Justice Studies

Victoria Steele, Criminology & Justice Studies

O'Ryan Swauncy, Criminology & Justice Studies

Ryan Thamann, Criminology & Justice Studies

Hetty Mae Unciano, Criminology & Justice Studies

Vanessa Valladares, Criminology & Justice Studies

Kenneth Vanderveen, Criminology & Justice Studies

Abraham Vargas, Criminology & Justice Studies

Gabriella Velasco, Criminology & Justice Studies

Jose Velasquez, Criminology & Justice Studies

Carla Vergara, Criminology & Justice Studies

Briana Walker, Criminology & Justice Studies

Lauren Wilkes, Criminology & Justice Studies

Kelly Wilson, Criminology & Justice Studies

Dylan Wiltsey, Criminology & Justice Studies

Kari Winship, Criminology & Justice Studies

Amy Wise, Criminology & Justice Studies

Esmeralda Zaragoza, Criminology & Justice Studies

Christina Bastianon, Economics

Kevin Bonse, Economics

Alexander Fekete, Economics

Dane Gregory, Economics

Xiaoming Hong, Economics

Nathan Lovell, Economics

Kyle Marre, Economics

Rebecca Tracey, Economics

Andrew Zaldivar, Economics

Tiffany Angel, Global Studies

Yuki Azuhata, Global Studies

Cassidy Hamilton, Global Studies

Christina Heredia, Global Studies

Wendolyn Leal, Global Studies

Casey Littesy, Global Studies

Kristin Melody, Global Studies

Timothy Mitchell, Global Studies

Jacob Peters, Global Studies

Julian Soto, Global Studies

Megan Spaulding, Global Studies

Ashley Swarts, Global Studies

Macy Vang, Global Studies

Jordan Waldron, Global Studies

Erich Allen, History

Kyley Atkins, History

Gabriel Becerra, History

Yannick Begher, History

Elizabeth Bernier, History

Maverick Bullis, History

Jarred Burr, History

Ben Cachat, History

Crystal Canez, History

Matthew Checchia, History

Hector Collazo, History

Cody Crews, History

Caitlin Eichlin, History

Jonathon Fishinger, History

Cassandra Freyre, History

Julia Friedman, History

Bruce Gabbard, History

Sheen Garcia, History

Mykel Giannakakos, History

Robert Gifford, History

Fradel Gonzales, History

Jesse Grajeda, History

Brianna Gustafson, History

Rachel Hallendy, History

Brandon Haylings, History

Robert Hinostroza, History

David Howes, History

Tyler Hubbard, History

Matthew Isoda, History

Richard Kaiser, History

Stephen Lawrence, History

Olivia Martinez, History

Lawrence McLingberg, History

Joy Miller, History

Raymundo Murrieta, History

Sarah Nielsen, History

Christopher Norby, History

Laura Padilla, History

Garrett Petersen, History

Alexandra Peterson, History

Wesley Roach, History

Salvador Robles, History

Felipe Rodriguez, History

Julianne Rodriguez, History

Yvette Rodriguez, History

Shad Thielman, History

Krista Thomas, History

Alexander Towey, History

Barbara Walker, History

Carolyn Wallace-Johnson, History

John Walsh, History

Kelly Wyrick, History

Michael Zora, History

Brianna Adair, Liberal Studies

Irene Amezcua, Liberal Studies

Brooklynn Anderson, Liberal Studies

Jolene Aronson, Liberal Studies

Heidi Ashworth, Liberal Studies

Stacey Azlin, Liberal Studies

Valerie Babek, Liberal Studies

Kathleen Baker, Liberal Studies

Kelsey Barritt, Liberal Studies

Kristin Bellers, Liberal Studies

Lissette Benitez, Liberal Studies

Jaclyn Bentz, Liberal Studies

Jessica Bhatt, Liberal Studies

Anna Botsford, Liberal Studies

Kate Brantly, Liberal Studies

Claire Brown, Liberal Studies

Ryan Brown, Liberal Studies

Alana Burnham, Liberal Studies

Leidy Canseco, Liberal Studies

Oscar Caralampio, Liberal Studies

Karishma Chauhan, Liberal Studies

Kaitlyn Chermak, Liberal Studies

Sarah Christensen, Liberal Studies

Michelle Claudio, Liberal Studies

Marlon Collins, Liberal Studies

Brittni Cowan, Liberal Studies

Gloria Cruz, Liberal Studies

Jordan Cryderman, Liberal Studies

Sabrina De Santiago, Liberal Studies

Alexis Deleon, Liberal Studies

Alyssa Denton, Liberal Studies

Laura Diego, Liberal Studies

Michelle Dietrich, Liberal Studies

Alexa Dilley, Liberal Studies

Shelby Donnellan, Liberal Studies

Payton Douglas, Liberal Studies

Melissa Eckburg, Liberal Studies

Alicia Eckert, Liberal Studies

Kiarlo Ednalino, Liberal Studies

Jennifer Ehrhart, Liberal Studies

Alyssa Eikmeier, Liberal Studies

Emily Escalona, Liberal Studies

Sarah Estes, Liberal Studies

Kimberly Everett, Liberal Studies

Allison Fairbanks, Liberal Studies

David Flores, Liberal Studies

Breanne Friedberg, Liberal Studies

Christina Getzlaf, Liberal Studies

Kimberly Gomez, Liberal Studies

Christine Gonsalves, Liberal Studies

Jessica Gonzales, Liberal Studies

Janae Gregory, Liberal Studies

Allison Gunzelman, Liberal Studies

Samantha Gutierrez, Liberal Studies

Natalie Hadweh, Liberal Studies

Rebecca Hahn, Liberal Studies

Daniel Harper, Liberal Studies

Lauren Haslinger, Liberal Studies

Nicole Henson, Liberal Studies

Melanie Hernandez, Liberal Studies

Ceresa Hernandez, Liberal Studies

Alicia Hill, Liberal Studies

Alison Hollie, Liberal Studies

Alyssa Hollowell, Liberal Studies

Miranda Homuth, Liberal Studies

Holly Hoogestraat, Liberal Studies

Robert Huss, Liberal Studies

Amie Ippolito, Liberal Studies

Kimberly Jackson, Liberal Studies

Rose Jauregui, Liberal Studies

Jillian Kantouth, Liberal Studies

Katie Kearney, Liberal Studies

Kendra Kiehn, Liberal Studies

Molly Knowles, Liberal Studies

Myra Knowles, Liberal Studies

Hailey Koopsen, Liberal Studies

Jamie LaBree, Liberal Studies

Rachel Labadie, Liberal Studies

Catarina Lara, Liberal Studies

Jami Lavin, Liberal Studies

Samantha Leatherman, Liberal Studies

Cathie Liborio, Liberal Studies

Rebecca Little, Liberal Studies

Justin Livingston, Liberal Studies

Maria Lopez, Liberal Studies

Daniellemaye Magpantay, Liberal Studies

Breanna Maltby, Liberal Studies

Sydney Manley, Liberal Studies

Catherine Martin, Liberal Studies

Vanessa Martinez, Liberal Studies

Brittany Masciarelli, Liberal Studies

Ana Mata, Liberal Studies

Jessica Mathieu, Liberal Studies

Jody McGowan, Liberal Studies

Eryn McMorrow, Liberal Studies

Kali Mccarley, Liberal Studies

Robert Mckittrick, Liberal Studies

Joanne Menchaca, Liberal Studies

Rocelia Mendez, Liberal Studies

Cynthia Mendoza, Liberal Studies

Briseida Mendoza, Liberal Studies

Kylie Meyer, Liberal Studies

Brianna Michalkiewicz, Liberal Studies

Joseph Mihal, Liberal Studies

Carly Minor, Liberal Studies

Kathryn Moris, Liberal Studies

Caitlin Murray, Liberal Studies

Jessica Nelson, Liberal Studies

Christie Nowell, Liberal Studies

Katie OReilly, Liberal Studies

Brittney Oberle, Liberal Studies

Ashanti Ollison, Liberal Studies

Margaret Ollry, Liberal Studies

Courtney Ortiz, Liberal Studies

Noemi Ortiz-Santos, Liberal Studies

Steve Palomino, Liberal Studies

Kailah Pasefika, Liberal Studies

Ashlee Peace, Liberal Studies

Kiara Perez, Liberal Studies

Erica Piper, Liberal Studies

Jessica Posey, Liberal Studies

Natalie Prazak, Liberal Studies

Danielle Presson, Liberal Studies

Carmina Prudencio, Liberal Studies

Elaine Ramos, Liberal Studies

Keri Rasmussen, Liberal Studies

Christopher Rearick, Liberal Studies

Shari Richards, Liberal Studies

Crystal Rippberger, Liberal Studies

Sarah Roddy, Liberal Studies

Angelica Rodriguez, Liberal Studies

Saidy Rojas, Liberal Studies

Jessica Roldan, Liberal Studies

Jacqueline Romero, Liberal Studies

Lacey Rowland, Liberal Studies

Naomi Ruscitti, Liberal Studies

Brent Ruth, Liberal Studies

Mary Salem, Liberal Studies

Sara Salyer, Liberal Studies

Deborah Sanchez, Liberal Studies

Sophia Santiago, Liberal Studies

Teresa Santos, Liberal Studies

Renata Sawyer, Liberal Studies

Julia Schmidt, Liberal Studies

Allison Sciarretta, Liberal Studies

Alison Seagle, Liberal Studies

Nicole Sears, Liberal Studies

Ajah Silva, Liberal Studies

Dianna Singas, Liberal Studies

Monica Smith, Liberal Studies

Ashley Smith, Liberal Studies

Kendyl Smith, Liberal Studies

Elizabeth Snowden, Liberal Studies

Diana Soto, Liberal Studies

Ariel Soupcoff, Liberal Studies

Patricia Starnes, Liberal Studies

Meagan Sulzen, Liberal Studies

Viviana Talavera, Liberal Studies

Kristina Thill, Liberal Studies

Nicole Thill, Liberal Studies

Sarah Thompson, Liberal Studies

Kristin Tice, Liberal Studies

Nancy Tran, Liberal Studies

An Tran, Liberal Studies

Kelly Tucker, Liberal Studies

Juana Valentin, Liberal Studies

Megan Vallivero, Liberal Studies

Samantha Van Poppel, Liberal Studies

Brenna Walraven, Liberal Studies

Nicole Walton, Liberal Studies

Krystal Wimmer, Liberal Studies

Summer Wineteer, Liberal Studies

Kristen Yaldo, Liberal Studies

Lane Yarnell, Liberal Studies

Shaymaa Abusalih, Literature & Writing

Maria Katrina Alameda, Literature & Writing

Kristin Bebout, Literature & Writing

Shelby Beckner, Literature & Writing

James Boehle Monroe, Literature & Writing

Rebecca Broome, Literature & Writing

Rebecca Brown, Literature & Writing

Giancarlo Caballero, Literature & Writing

Marcela Calderon, Literature & Writing

Chris Cheshier, Literature & Writing

Jacob Cornell, Literature & Writing

Stefan Cowper, Literature & Writing

Kendal Craig, Literature & Writing

Jacqueline De Los Santos, Literature & Writing

Stephanie De Maria, Literature & Writing

Joye DePalatis, Literature & Writing

AnneMarie Di Padova, Literature & Writing

Abigail Dougan, Literature & Writing

Linda Eckert, Literature & Writing

Raquel English, Literature & Writing

Lauren Escobar, Literature & Writing

Jordan Feil, Literature & Writing

Matthew Fowler, Literature & Writing

Noelle Friedberg, Literature & Writing

Hannah Gelormini, Literature & Writing

Desiree Gordon, Literature & Writing

Ariel Gossett, Literature & Writing

Rachel Green, Literature & Writing

Dominick Groves, Literature & Writing

Jacqueline Guerrero, Literature & Writing

Lauren Hammond, Literature & Writing

Taylor Han, Literature & Writing

Kayla Hansen, Literature & Writing

Nathaniel Haydon, Literature & Writing

Jeremy Hill, Literature & Writing

Brogan Hoenisch, Literature & Writing

Caleb Hogland, Literature & Writing

Angela Housein, Literature & Writing

Sarah Hughes, Literature & Writing

Nathaniel Jones, Literature & Writing

David Kensell, Literature & Writing

Cora LaLone, Literature & Writing

Becca Landon, Literature & Writing

Edith Larios, Literature & Writing

Nicolas Liberatore, Literature & Writing

Mari Lopp, Literature & Writing

Renee Lupien, Literature & Writing

Gabrielle Mager, Literature & Writing

Angelica Marigliano, Literature & Writing

James Massengale, Literature & Writing

Crystal McClure, Literature & Writing

Natalie McKemy, Literature & Writing

Andrew Mcintyre, Literature & Writing

Danielle Minor, Literature & Writing

Taylor Monson, Literature & Writing

Celeste Morales, Literature & Writing

Zhaina Moya, Literature & Writing

Rebecca Nerstad, Literature & Writing

Paulina Nikolsky, Literature & Writing

Danielle Nourani, Literature & Writing

Michael O'Marah, Literature & Writing

Kathryn Orcino, Literature & Writing

Rico Palmerin, Literature & Writing

Marie Parrish, Literature & Writing

Courtney Peck, Literature & Writing

Stephany Phimmasouk, Literature & Writing

Kimberlyn Pinkerton, Literature & Writing

Dylan Poturich, Literature & Writing

Katherine Ramos, Literature & Writing

James Regan, Literature & Writing

Ariel Robbins, Literature & Writing

Courtney Rogers, Literature & Writing

Elizabeth Root, Literature & Writing

Yvette Ruiz, Literature & Writing

William Ryan, Literature & Writing

Eric Seal, Literature & Writing

Nada Sewidan, Literature & Writing

Hannah Shipps, Literature & Writing

Jahara Singh, Literature & Writing

Jashell Smith, Literature & Writing

Daydree Snow, Literature & Writing

Rebecca Sterling, Literature & Writing

Jennifer Strawser, Literature & Writing

Katlin Sweeney, Literature & Writing

John Taing, Literature & Writing

Caitlyn Thibodeau, Literature & Writing

Cheryl Thompson, Literature & Writing

Anthony Trevino, Literature & Writing

Raquel Valadez, Literature & Writing

Katherine Van Sickle, Literature & Writing

Angela Vander Velde, Literature & Writing

Sophia Vander Velde, Literature & Writing

Morgan Wahlstrom, Literature & Writing

Hannah Webster, Literature & Writing

Preston Witchell, Literature & Writing

Pamela Castillo, Mass Media

Maximiliano Cuenca, Mass Media

Ryan Denzy, Mass Media

Ryan DiPiero, Mass Media

Brittany Dollarhide, Mass Media

Kaitlyn Estona, Mass Media

David Evans, Mass Media

Nicole Gaitan, Mass Media

Suzannah Gallegos, Mass Media

Daniel Gamboa, Mass Media

Carlos Hernandez, Mass Media

Maria Hernandez Gomez, Mass Media

Cassandra Jenness, Mass Media

Reed Johnson, Mass Media

Lindsey Jones, Mass Media

Annalee Magrann, Mass Media

Charlotte McDowell-Horn, Mass Media

Barbara Mcdowell-Horn, Mass Media

Karina Menezes, Mass Media

Taylor Minnick, Mass Media

Ian Nowakowski, Mass Media

Richard Pinto, Mass Media

Paige Pollock, Mass Media

Manuel Ramos, Mass Media

Niko Rodriguez, Mass Media

Natalie Soldoff, Mass Media

Martin Szillat, Mass Media

Erin Taylor, Mass Media

Michelle Vandevelde, Mass Media

Irma Acuna, Pre-Communication

Katelyn Andersen, Pre-Communication

Natalie Annunziata, Pre-Communication

Marella Baldini, Pre-Communication

Courtnie Bonett, Pre-Communication

Sommer Burbank, Pre-Communication

Carina Cabello, Pre-Communication

Justace Collins, Pre-Communication

Noelle Conrad, Pre-Communication

Bernardo Cruz, Pre-Communication

Marissa Daley, Pre-Communication

Alexandra Ghilarducci, Pre-Communication

Ingrid Holmeide, Pre-Communication

Madeline Johnson, Pre-Communication

Shelby Kennick, Pre-Communication

Virginia Netwig, Pre-Communication

Andres Perez, Pre-Communication

Gabriella Provencio, Pre-Communication

Taylor Rodriguez, Pre-Communication

Sergio Solis, Pre-Communication

Stephanie Strand, Pre-Communication

Chonya Tongdee, Pre-Communication

Jake Trybulski, Pre-Communication

Brianna Abarca, Pre-Mass Media

Amy Chastain, Pre-Mass Media

Shelbie Hahn, Pre-Mass Media

Makenzie Hendrix, Pre-Mass Media

Irja Isaksen, Pre-Mass Media

Jade Matsumoto, Pre-Mass Media

Shelliah Williams, Pre-Mass Media

Kevin Acciani, Political Science

Lisbette Baltazar, Political Science

George Baran, Political Science

Lauren Berg, Political Science

Janet Brotherton, Political Science

Collin Buell, Political Science

Lauren Carnine, Political Science

Brandon Coger, Political Science

Clark Conforti, Political Science

Sierra Denny, Political Science

Leena El-Maleh, Political Science

Malcolm Heard, Political Science

Alexander Horbol, Political Science

Brenton Littlefield, Political Science

Megan MacDonald, Political Science

Lauren Mayes, Political Science

Zach Mendiola, Political Science

Owen Mitchell, Political Science

Jaleh Mohseni, Political Science

America Morales, Political Science

Miranda Padron, Political Science

John Lester Pili, Political Science

John Plaziak, Political Science

Liliana Ponce, Political Science

Sterling Porretta, Political Science

Nicolet Ramirez, Political Science

Steven Salas, Political Science

Eric Sanchez, Political Science

Victoria Scalo, Political Science

Yezan Smadi, Political Science

Andrew Vordahl, Political Science

Patrick Alarcon, Psychology

Tricia Alcid, Psychology

Robert Altamirano, Psychology

Jameela Atooli, Psychology

Maisoon Audish, Psychology

Nicole Bakdache, Psychology

Heather Beeson, Psychology

Kaitlin Benner, Psychology

Amber Berry, Psychology

Kathryn Bouvatte, Psychology

Zachary Brewer, Psychology

Andrea Briseno, Psychology

Catherine Buergel, Psychology

Kyle Burkle, Psychology

Liliana Cabrera, Psychology

Andrea Canche, Psychology

Karina Cano, Psychology

Melissa Cantrell, Psychology

Sebastian Cervantes, Psychology

Nicholas Chajec, Psychology

Angela Chheng, Psychology

Lily Christy, Psychology

Lauren Clark, Psychology

Alyssa Coggan, Psychology

Rachel Colby, Psychology

Kennedy Cook, Psychology

Dashiell Creighton, Psychology

Breanna Crews, Psychology

Ruby Cuellar, Psychology

Cayla Curtis, Psychology

Adriana Damian, Psychology

Deanne Dean, Psychology

Margret Deitering, Psychology

Mia Delgadillo, Psychology

Janet Diaz, Psychology

Monica Dixon, Psychology

Maria Donelson, Psychology

Rachel Drissel, Psychology

Kassidy Enns, Psychology

Marlon Fernandez, Psychology

Samantha Flaaten, Psychology

Lilibeth Flores, Psychology

Mary Angela Funck, Psychology

Melissa Gary, Psychology

Chris Gebhardt, Psychology

Mitchell Geldbach, Psychology

Rolando Gomez-Hernandez, Psychology

Uriel Gonzalez, Psychology

Guadalupe Guerrero, Psychology

Anahi Guerrero, Psychology

Timothy Guse, Psychology

Kambiz Hafizi, Psychology

Alejandro Harrison, Psychology

Hillary Hartman, Psychology

Kalie Hayman, Psychology

Ivan Hernandez, Psychology

Michelle Hernandez, Psychology

Diana Hernandez, Psychology

Dustin Hudson, Psychology

Lauren Jackson, Psychology

Jaime Justo, Psychology

Kristy Kay, Psychology

Dustin Kessler, Psychology

Jenny Lagervall, Psychology

Victoria Lamb, Psychology

Scott Lapierre, Psychology

Ashley Lesmeister, Psychology

Maria Locke, Psychology

Jessica Lontayo, Psychology

Maria Lopez, Psychology

Berta Luis Sanchez, Psychology

Raana Manavi, Psychology

Yvanna Manzo, Psychology

Jessee Marriott, Psychology

Alyssa Martinez, Psychology

Angel Martinez, Psychology

Jasmine Mata, Psychology

Samantha Maze, Psychology

Shaun McCardell, Psychology

Matthew McHolland, Psychology

Stephanie McNeal, Psychology

Bianca Medina, Psychology

Meylin Melchor, Psychology

Denisse Mendez, Psychology

Duarlin Mercado, Psychology

Frank Montana, Psychology

Hunter Montoya, Psychology

Shelby Moraga, Psychology

Lizbeth Moreno, Psychology

Trevor Muehring, Psychology

Julia Najd, Psychology

True Nare, Psychology

Cierra Nigro, Psychology

Amanda Nye, Psychology

Bryan ONeill, Psychology

Karlena Ochoa, Psychology

Joseph Olson, Psychology

Francisca Ortiz, Psychology

Kenneth Palmer, Psychology

Coriann Papazian, Psychology

Briana Peralta, Psychology

Alexandria Perez, Psychology

Taylor Peters, Psychology

Donna Phonsane, Psychology

Marienel Jesica Pili, Psychology

Nina Pitts, Psychology

Luis Pretalia Hernandez, Psychology

Jonathan Pridgeon, Psychology

Unique Pruitt, Psychology

Allison Purser, Psychology

Karely Ramirez, Psychology

Rachel Ramos, Psychology

Savannah Reeve, Psychology

Ryan Reis, Psychology

Merced Rios Reyes, Psychology

Lauren Rivero, Psychology

Courtney Robinson, Psychology

Caroline Robison, Psychology

Cassidy Rodriguez, Psychology

Carlos Rosas, Psychology

Cassandra Rubinstein, Psychology

Karla Ruiz, Psychology

Alexis Santiago, Psychology

Kelsie Santoro, Psychology

Sonia Siddique, Psychology

Lina Siemer McDonald, Psychology

Sarah Skinner, Psychology

Mary Small, Psychology

Kamariya Smith, Psychology

Calvin Smith, Psychology

Stacy Soto-Martinez, Psychology

Maddison Stayberg, Psychology

Monique Stolmeier, Psychology

Amanda Strickland, Psychology

Ryan Sypris, Psychology

Marian Tialavea, Psychology

Kristin Tobias, Psychology

Yeni Towver, Psychology

Tiffany Trent, Psychology

Dora Nayely Valencia, Psychology

Brittnee Vann, Psychology

Helen Vargas, Psychology

Angelina Vasquez, Psychology

Smiljana Vuletic, Psychology

Taylor Weaver, Psychology

Ellen Wiedner, Psychology

Carolin Winkler, Psychology

Tracy Wisdom, Psychology

Elemy Yeme, Psychology

Kevin Yetman, Psychology

Roxanna Zafar, Psychology

Anna Zakharova, Psychology

Sara Aguirre, Sociology

Adina Allan-Fronius, Sociology

Jovana Arellano, Sociology

Corrina Babiash-Clark, Sociology

Orlando Barajas, Sociology

Danica Barnicle, Sociology

Tyler Booker, Sociology

Priscilla Brito, Sociology

Melytza Cabrera, Sociology

Yolanda Canedo, Sociology

Blanca Castro May, Sociology

Jonna Clark, Sociology

Monica Corona, Sociology

Jessica Correa, Sociology

Tracy Courts, Sociology

Allyson Crouthamel, Sociology

Marcos Dominguez, Sociology

Jessica Dorsey, Sociology

David Duran, Sociology

Rebecca Escobar, Sociology

Andreas Feia, Sociology

Sherry Flores, Sociology

Diana Garcia, Sociology

Cindy Guillen, Sociology

Allison Haack, Sociology

Shoto Hachiya, Sociology

Evan Hall, Sociology

Kadie Heck, Sociology

Jessica Heinrich, Sociology

Erendira Hernandez, Sociology

Jesus Hernandez, Sociology

Noemi Jara, Sociology

Sarai Jimenez, Sociology

Briana Jimenez, Sociology

Suzanne Joseph, Sociology

Emily Kunkel, Sociology

Erin LeClair, Sociology

Dawn Lee, Sociology

Chelsea Lightfoot, Sociology

Melissa Martin, Sociology

Jovana Martinez, Sociology

Kelly Mendoza, Sociology

Esthela Merida Lopez, Sociology

Oscar Miranda Angel, Sociology

Traycie Mitchell, Sociology

Katie Monderine Roethel, Sociology

Guadalupe Montes, Sociology

Kimberly Naraine, Sociology

Denise Nealon, Sociology

Saya Nodera, Sociology

Alec Noriega, Sociology

Adrianna Pacheco, Sociology

Monica Perez, Sociology

Laura Perez, Sociology

Mary Peterson, Sociology

Hayley Phillips, Sociology

Jennine Ponce, Sociology

Dina Powell, Sociology

Ariana Pozos, Sociology

Donna Ranieri, Sociology

Lizbeth Romero, Sociology

Seychelle Ruiz, Sociology

Kelly Ann Sam, Sociology

Anayeli Sanchez, Sociology

Blanca Sarabia, Sociology

Matthew Schoen, Sociology

Jennifer Seidlitz, Sociology

Samantha Smith, Sociology

Brandi Stanicek, Sociology

Salvador Suarez, Sociology

Daniel Torres, Sociology

Rachel Trafford, Sociology

Olivia Victory, Sociology

Quinton Villaverde, Sociology

Candace Watts, Sociology

Gloria Whadford, Sociology

Samuel Anderson, Spanish

Nora Bastien, Spanish

Alexander Bedolla, Spanish

Noemy Chavez, Spanish

Jesus Garcia, Spanish

Linda Garcia, Spanish

Maria Gaytan, Spanish

Gina Goff, Spanish

Diego Lecca, Spanish

Jesslyn Lopez, Spanish

Denyse Marquez, Spanish

Kyle Miller, Spanish

Yesenia Mora, Spanish

Alicia Nebeker, Spanish

Ana Ornelas Delgado, Spanish

Sandra Padilla, Spanish

Miriam Perez, Spanish

Dalila Rodriguez, Spanish

Brijette Romstedt, Spanish

Joel Salinas, Spanish

Javier Sanchez, Spanish

Jacob Schroeder, Spanish

Hadassah Thompson, Spanish

Julio Villa Chavez, Spanish

Joel White, Spanish

Maximiano Anguiano, Special Major

Steven Gravitt, Special Major

Fernanda Aceves, Social Sciences

Vanessa Bolanos, Social Sciences

Tiffaney Boyd, Social Sciences

Jerry Brekhus, Social Sciences

Ryan Brown, Social Sciences

Alhaji Dabo, Social Sciences

Kristin Dixson, Social Sciences

Desalegn Gebre, Social Sciences

Corey Hart, Social Sciences

Sidney Hernandez, Social Sciences

Michelle Hollie, Social Sciences

Hailey Hunt, Social Sciences

Terence Jacinto, Social Sciences

Hayley Liddle, Social Sciences

Marlene Marin, Social Sciences

Michael Mueller, Social Sciences

Emily Petros, Social Sciences

Mary Anne Saldaen, Social Sciences

Frank Sandoval, Social Sciences

Julia Starkey, Social Sciences

Walter Valle, Social Sciences

Rita Weeks, Social Sciences

Brianna Wilson, Social Sciences

Amairany Avendano, Undeclared

Alexander Chamberland, Undeclared

Jennifer Cortes, Undeclared

Gabriel DiCenzo, Undeclared

Bryce Dollarhide, Undeclared

Gabriela Eracleous, Undeclared

Rocio Fuentes, Undeclared

Miranda Gardea, Undeclared

Liana Martin, Undeclared

Natalie Mazza, Undeclared

Grady Mitchell, Undeclared

Venezia Orozco, Undeclared

John Pleines, Undeclared

Victor Ramirez, Undeclared

Spencer Todd, Undeclared

Bibiana Urquiza Resendiz, Undeclared

Jay Vidal, Undeclared

Gina Berdugo, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Kayla Richardson, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Kimberly Taylor, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

CHABSS Dean's Lists by Semester
COAS* Dean's Lists

*Dean's Lists honors prior to Fall 2011 were awarded by the College of Arts & Sciences