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Clery Statistics Reconciliation Team

In order to collect and compile crime statistics for Clery-qualifying crimes, the Clery Director will query members of the Clery Statistics Reconciliation Team (a sub-unit of the Clery Compliance Team) on a monthly basis, to collect and classify crimes and violations of state and local drug, liquor, and weapons laws occurring within Clery geography where arrests or referrals for discipline of students or employees were made. The current Clery Statistics Reconciliation Team is listed below.



Candace Bebee

 Interim Clery Director

Leslie Rockwell

Director of Student Conduct

Kristin Erickson

Records, Coordinator, University Police Department

Allie Serrano

Interim Director of Residential Education

Travis Douglas

Executive Director, Housing & Residential Education

Meng (May) Zhang

Deputy Title IX Coordinator/DHR Administrator