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Delcare Your Pre-Business Option!

To help you plan for upcoming semesters in the Degree Planner for when you become business status, we have new pre-business options that you can declare now via MyCSUSM.  Once you declare your Pre-Business option, you will be able to see what courses you will be taking in the upper division as a business status student and what semesters that you should be taking them.  You will be able to select from the following options:

  • Pre-Business Accounting
  • Pre-Business Finance
  • Pre-Business Global Business Management Entrepreneurship
  • Pre-Business Global Business Management Information Systems
  • Pre-Business Global Business Management Marketing
  • Pre-Business Global Supply Chain Management
  • Pre-Business Human Resource Management
  • Pre-Business Management Entrepreneurship
  • Pre-Business Management Information Systems
  • Pre-Business Management & Organizations
  • Pre-Business Marketing

Instructions for selecting your Pre-Business Option can be found at the following link:

Declare your Pre-Business Option

Please note that you will still need to apply for Conditional Business Status in the semester that you will be completing your final Pre-Business requirements in order to enroll into upper-division business courses. Instructions on applying for Conditional Business Status will be sent out in a future email.