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*Last Updated 4/27/2020

  • Are there any jobs available right now?

    CSUSM Career Center has built a database of immediate job openings for those looking for immediate part-time/full-time work. They update this database on a weekly basis. The list of open positions is available in the following link.
  • Am I entitled to paid sick leave?

    Per the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, employers that have under 500 employees are required to provide their employees with paid sick leave for reasons related to COVID-19.

    • Full-time and part-time employees can receive two weeks or up to 80 hours at the regular rate.
    • Employees who are unable to work due to the need to care for a family member for reasons related to COVID-19 can receive two-thirds of the regular rate. 

    In addition, California’s Governor Newsom recently issued Executive Order N-51-20. This order covers full-time or part-time food sector employees for a business that has more than 500 employees nationwide, and provides these employees with Supplemental Paid Sick Leave.

    • Food sector workers range from farmworkers, grocery workers, restaurant/fast-food workers, and workers who pick-up or deliver any food items.

    Full-time employees or those working at least 40 hours per week in the two weeks preceding their sick leave are entitled to 80 hours of COVID-19 Supplemental Paid Sick Leave. Part-time employees or those with variable hours can also receive these benefits with the amount of paid sick leave dependent on the number of hours worked prior to their sick leave. 

    For more information regarding the the COVID-19 Supplemental Paid Sick Leave coverage, please visit:

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