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CoBA Financial Lifeline

Student Financial Resources during COVID-19 

Markstein Hall

We recognize that there has been a lot of information flowing in from many sources about the resources available to you during the COVID-19 crisis and many of you may feel a bit overwhelmed.

Our goal is to provide you with a single source to address all of your concerns relating to the local, state, and federal programs you can access during the global COVID pandemic. This information will be updated regularly as new programs and resources become available. 

Resource categories:

If you are unable to find the answer to your questions in our FAQs, we encourage you to fill out the CoBA Financial Lifeline Support Form below. We are here to assist in answering these questions and providing you with the support you need during these challenging times. Given we may receive a high volume of additional requests for information we intend to get back to everyone via email or as needed by phone within a 48-hour time frame. 

*Website last reviewed and updated 4/21/2020.

Lifeline Support Form